Research Ethics/Protection of Human Participants

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Using a customer service approach within the constraints of regulatory requirements, the Research Ethics Office is responsible for the ethical oversight of human participants involved in research. Any research project involving human participants, whether funded or not, must receive ethics approval by one of the Research Ethics Boards prior to the start of the project.

Approval Process

This page will provide answers regarding who should obtain research ethics approval, how to obtain approval, and how to maintain that approval over the course of the project

Obtaining Consent

The cornerstone of research ethics is the process of obtaining Free and Informed Consent from human research participants. This section will guide you through the elements of consent, and provide suggestions and best practices.


Access to all the various forms you might need during the ethics application process including guidance documents.


Link to the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2 and suggestions on how to obtain assistance from Ethics Office staff.


Completion of a training tutorial is highly recommended for faculty, staff, and students undertaking research projects involving humans.

All students undertaking research involving humans are now required to undergo training and submit a certificate with the REB Application.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The REB works with researchers to create Standard Operating Procedures (or they are sometimes referred to as Standards of Practice) or SOPs. The purpose of the SOP is to summarize how a particular task is accomplished. For example, if a researcher or group of researchers is frequently going to be taking blood samples from participants, he/she may wish to create an SOP to document how this will occur.

Research Ethics Boards (REBs)

Information on the two Research Ethics Boards at the University of Guelph.


Links to internal policies and external policies and guidelines.

Contact Us

For general inquiries and compliance questions as well as submitting Research Ethics Board (REB) forms, please email

If you would like to contact a specific individual, please see the Ethics Office staff list