Research Ethics Boards (REBs)

Members Needed

The Research Ethics Boards are looking for the following volunteers:

Research Ethics Board - Natural, Physical and Engineering Sciences (REB-NPES)

  • Mandate - review of applications involving topics in health, natural sciences, and engineering from CBS, CEPS, and OVC
  • REB-NPES Membership

Research Ethics Board - General (REB-G)

  • Mandate - review of applications primarily involving topics in the social sciences and humanities, from CSAHS, OAC, COA and LANG
  • REB-G Membership

Submission Deadlines

  • Minimal risk studies can be submitted anytime. Please submit your application as soon as you can;
  • Studies requiring full board review (higher than minimal risk) MUST be submitted at least two weeks prior to the meeting date. Submitting by this deadline does not guarantee that your project will be reviewed on that specific meeting date.

    NOTE: If your submission requires pre-review clarification it will be reviewed at the next full board meeting once pre-review clarification is complete. Give yourself time.

    See the Approval Process for definitions of full board and pre-review for clarification.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - a document which formally outlines the structure, composition, and function of the Research Ethics Boards.

Board of Record

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

The University of Guelph Research Ethics Board - General is the Board of Record for all University of Guelph researchers who are also cross-appointed to the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Any research undertaken by these individuals (and involving human participants) would need ethics review from the University of Guelph Research Ethics Board - General .

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre employees who do not hold cross-appointments with the University of Guelph would not be able to access this service.

Annual Report

An Annual Report, produced by the Ethics Office on behalf of the Chairs of the REB-General and REB-Natural, Physical and Engineering Sciences, summarizes the work of the REB members and the Ethics Office during the fiscal year, and the goals for the coming year. Information about current membership, number and distribution of submissions, as well as metrics on the functioning of the two boards are included, along with updates on process or procedure and educational outreach to the community. The report is reviewed by both REBs and approved by the Chairs prior to release.