Research Communications


We support the University of Guelph's $140-million research complement through initiatives that promote dialogue, understanding and communication about research accomplishments and activity at the University of Guelph. See all of our publications and news articles in the Discover our Research section of the website.


Participants in the SPARK (Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge) program produce weekly news articles about U of G research. The articles appear in news publications across Ontario and elsewhere.


Students write, edit and coordinate a variety of news publications that highlight University of Guelph research activities to a wide range of audiences.


Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge (SPARK) is an award-winning program that allows students to develop journalism and communication skills while producing news stories for a variety of publications across Ontario and elsewhere.

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Liz Snyder
Director, Research Communications
Phone: 519-824-4120 Ext. 53781