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In this episode Dr. Michael von Massow has a conversation with Dana McCauley from the University of Guelph about food innovation and trends and how they are changing given the COVID19 pandemic.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the agri-food system has experienced unprecedented demand shocks.

FARE faculty Alan Ker, OAC Research Chair in Agricultural Risk and Policy, has been invited by the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food to submit a brief on the topic of

FARE PhD graduate GianCarlo Moschini has been named a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics, 

The new issue of FARE Share is out.

CJAE Special Issue on COVID-19 and the Canadian Agriculture and Food Sectors: Thoughts from the Pandemic Onset

The food industry seems to be constantly evolving and adapting. This makes predicting future food trends difficult - but not impossible. Jo-Ann McArthur and her team at Nourish Food Marketing are experts on all things food and are up for the challenge.