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Aug 22nd, 2023
Stewart Skinner, FARE MSc 2010, and Jessica Kelly, FARE MSc 2014, of Imani...
Aug 1st, 2023
At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society,...
Jul 31st, 2023
FARE is proud to congratulate Dr. Brady James Deaton, Jr., on his recent...
Jun 21st, 2023
Dr. Tongzhe Li is the inaugural Arrell Family Chair in Behavioural and...
Jun 19th, 2023
Now that we are well into the second half of Pride Month, please read this U of...

Meet Our Profs

Prof. Mike von Massow
Prof. Mike von Massow

Mike Von Massow is a professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics who researches consumer purchase decisions and the development of food value chains.

Meet Our Grad Students

Michelle Ragany
Michelle Ragany

Michelle Ragany is a second-year student in the University of Guelph's food and agriculture business program. She discovered her undergraduate program in high school when attending a Specialist High Skills Majors event hosted by the OAC.

FARE Institute

Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy is housed within the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, OAC, University of Guelph. The Institute is also part of the larger Food Institute at the University of Guelph.

The mission of the institute is to provide independent, credible, and timely policy analysis with respect to socially significant food and agricultural issues.

Find a collection of working papers, white papers and a series of podcasts that have been made public to help educate individuals on important food and agricultural issues. Visit FARE Institute.


FARE Talk Radio

An Early Assessment of COVID-19 and the Canadian Agriculture and Food Sector

Alan Ker discusses a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. The issue is titled, “COVID-19 and the Canadian Agriculture and Food Sectors: Thoughts from the Pandemic Onset”. Alan provides an overview of the articles published in the special issue and his own assessment of Canada’s food system during the onset of the pandemic. More

How Does Canada Put A Price On Carbon?

Kenneth Poon discusses a pressing policy issue with broad-reaching implications: how Canada puts a price on carbon. He outlines the current regulatory environment, industry and consumer impacts, the benefits and drawbacks of taxation vs. cap-and-trade, and Canada’s leadership role in global strategies for emissions reductions. More

Food Focus

Food Focus is intended to provide an opportunity for conversations and perspectives on issues of interest in the food system.

We will share weekly updates here on the FARE website but for full versions of our blog, podcast and trends reports please visit