Undergraduate Program Information

Picture of Andreas Boecker


On behalf of the department of FARE I would like to welcome you to our Undergraduate Home Page and thank you for your interest in our undergraduate studies. My name is Andreas Boecker. I joined the department in Fall 2005 and have been the Undergraduate Coordinator since September 2011. I teach Marketing Management and Marketing Research with a focus on food and agricultural markets.

The department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics is a leading institution in research and education for Agricultural and Food Business and Policy in Canada. Here we want to provide prospective and current students with key information about our programs and career paths.

If you are a Prospective Student, here you can find out more about our four majors, career paths, admission to or how to prepare for the programs. These pages will also be useful for high school teachers and career counsellors.

If you are a Current Student, here you will find out about course offerings, faculty advisors,  important calendar dates, opportunities for research, international and experiential learning experiences, as well as employment opportunities during the term.

If you have more specific questions, or can't find the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me.