Undergraduate Courses

Course Title Term Offered Course Outline Notes
FARE*1040 Introduction to Environmental Economics, Law and Policy Winter    
FARE*1300 Poverty, Food and Hunger Winter    
FARE*1400 Economics of the Agri-Food System Winter    
FARE*2410 Agri-Food Markets and Policy Fall    
FARE*2700 Survey of Natural Resource Economics Fall    
FARE*3000 International Food Sector and Policy Analysis Fall    
FARE*3030 The Firm and Markets Fall    
FARE*3170 Cost Benefit Analysis Winter    
FARE*3250 Food and International Development Fall    
FARE*3310 Operations Management Fall & Winter    
FARE*3320 Supply and Value Chain Management Fall    
FARE*4000 Agricultural and Food Policy Winter    
FARE*4220 Advanced Agribusiness Management Winter    
FARE*4240 Futures and Options Markets Winter    
FARE*4290 Land Economics Fall    
FARE*4310 Resource Economics Winter    
FARE*4330 Advanced Operations Management Winter   offered in even years only
FARE*4370 Food and Agri Marketing Management Fall    
FARE*4380 Retailing, Merchandising and Sales Winter    
FARE*4500 Decision Science Fall