Undergraduate Courses

Welcome to the courses section for Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics. Here you will find information on course numbers, course titles, instructors, room locations and class times.

Course Schedules

Below are links to previous, current and upcoming semester course schedules. These schedules are in PDF format and require Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to use. Please note that these schedules are subject to change without notice.

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Undergraduate Courses
Course Code Title Semesters Offered Taught by Course Outlines
FARE*1040 Intro. to Environmental Economics, Law & Policy Winter Fox Glenn PDF icon FARE1040_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*1300 Poverty, Food and Hunger Winter Henson Spencer PDF icon FARE1300_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*1400 Economics of the Agri-Food System Winter Weersink Alfons PDF icon FARE1400_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*2410 Agrifood Markets and Policy Winter Cranfield John PDF icon FARE2410_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*2700 Survey of Natural Resource Economics Fall Lipka Bethany PDF icon FARE2700_F17.pdf
FARE*3030 The Firm and Markets Fall Lee Yu Na PDF icon FARE3030_F17.pdf
FARE*3170 Cost-Benefit Analysis Winter Sarker Rakhal PDF icon FARE3170_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*3250 Food and International Development Fall Sneyd Lauren
FARE*3310 Operations Management - Section 02 Winter Hailu Getu PDF icon FARE3310_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*3310 Operations Management Fall Hailu Getu PDF icon FARE3310_F16_AODA.pdf
FARE*4000 Agricultural and Food Policy Winter PDF icon FARE4000_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*4210 World Agriculture, Food Security and Economic Development Fall Henson Spencer PDF icon FARE4210_F16_AODA.pdf
FARE*4220 Advanced Agribusiness Management Winter PDF icon FARE4220_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*4240 Futures and Options Markets Winter Weersink Alfons PDF icon FARE4240_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*4290 Land Economics Fall Rajsic Predrag PDF icon FARE4290_F17.pdf
FARE*4310 Resource Economics Winter Fox Glenn PDF icon FARE4310_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*4360 Marketing Research Winter PDF icon FARE4360_W17_AODA.pdf
FARE*4370 Food & Agri Marketing Management Fall Boecker Andreas PDF icon FARE4370_F16_AODA.pdf
FARE*4500 Decision Science Fall Leslie Jennifer PDF icon FARE4500_F17.pdf
FARE*4550 Independent Studies I Fall, Winter, Summer
FARE*4560 Independent Studies II Fall, Winter, Summer