Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions are covered on the University of Guelph website: Undergraduate Academic Information Centre.
Topics include:

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Support
  • Acronym Dictionary
  • Department Chairs List
  • Faculty Advisors List
  • Student Handbook
  • Important Dates
  • Program Counselors List
  • Quick Facts
  • Question / Answer of the Week

Should you have any unanswered questions pertaining to your major or course selection, please contact the appropriate department Faculty Advisor listed below:

Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions


Faculty Advisor


(Food, Agricultural and
Resource Economics -FARE)

Andreas Boecker

ext. 53532
McLN 314

B. Comm.
(Food & Agricultural Business plus Co-op - FAB/FAB:C)

Getu Hailu

ext. 53890
McLN 327

B. Sc. (Env.)
(Environmental Economics
and Policy plus Co-op - EEP/EEP:C)

Brady Deaton 

ext. 52768
McLN 322

B. B.R.M.
(Food Industry Management plus Co-op - FIM/FIM:C)

Andreas Boecker

ext. 53532
McLN 314