Course Evaluations

All courses offered through the Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics are evaluated by way of an online questionnaire conducted through CCS. 

Any student who is enrolled in a FARE course will be able to access the online questionnaire for that course during the time period designated for the evaluation  -  scheduled during the last two weeks of class.

To complete the online course / instructor evaluation, students will receive an email from the "Course Evaluation Team, CCS" with instructions.  After authenticating with their University of Guelph Central Login ID and password, the student will be presented with a list of their courses for which there is an online course / instructor evaluation in the University of Guelph’s Online Course Evaluation System.  Once the student has completed an evaluation, that course will be removed from their list. The Department places great importance on the feedback from student course evaluations:

  • Faculty members make use of student responses in the course evaluation to develop courses further and to make appropriate revisions in future offerings of the course,

  • End of semester course and instructor evaluations provide students the opportunity to have their comments and opinions form part of the information used by Promotion and Tenure Committees in evaluating the faculty member’s contributions in the area of teaching,

  • Constructive suggestions by students are most helpful,

  • Instructors do not receive the evaluation results until their final grades have been submitted to the Registrar.