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Rakhal Sarker

Associate Professor
Phone: ext. 52173
Office: Room 318


Exchange Rate Variability and Trade; Economics of Trade Disputes;


Born and raised in Bangladesh , Rakhal completed his B.Sc. Agr. Econ. and M. Sc. at the Bangladesh Agricultural University then came to Canada for higher studies leading to a Ph. D. Besides academics, he enjoys music, sports and the splendid Canadian outdoors.


B. Sc. Agric. Econ. (Honours): Bangladesh Agricultural University, 1980

M.Sc. Agric. Econ (Marketing): Bangladesh Agricultural University, 1982

Ph. D. University of Guelph 1991.

Teaching Interests:

Agricultural and Food Policy, Cost Benefit Analysis.

Select Publications:

Sarker, R. and O. Oyewumi (2015). Trade Policy Change and Price Volatility Spill-Over in a Customs Union: A Case Study of Lamb Trade Between Namibia and South Africa. International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics, 3(1): 63-76.

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Research Interests:

Exchange rate variability and trade, economics of trade disputes, economics of agri-food safety-net programs, data nonstationarity and generic advertising, regionalism and agri-food trade, biotechnology and non-market valuation.