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Phone: ext. 63552
Office: Room 303, Reek Building, Ridgetown Campus

Website: http://www.ridgetownc.uoguelph.ca/research/profile_rvyn.cfm

Richard Vyn

Associate Professor


Land Economics, Marketing, Production Economics


Richard Vyn is an associate professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics, based at the Ridgetown Campus. He completed a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics at the University of Guelph in 2007. Previously, Richard worked for three years as a Production Economist for Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development. He grew up on a cash-crop farm just outside of Guelph.

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Research Impact:

Land use policy and farmland values, economic analysis of agricultural production practices, simulation modeling, hedonic analysis.

Teaching Interests:

Agricultural Economics, Marketing

Featured Publications:

Vyn, R. J. (2018). Property value impacts of wind turbines and the influence of heterogeneous preferences for wind energy. Land Economics 94 (4): 496-516.

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