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Richard Vyn

Richard Vyn
Phone: ext. 63552
Email: rvyn@uoguelph.ca
Office: Room 303, Reek Building, Ridgetown Campus


Land Economics, Marketing, Production Economics


Richard Vyn is an associate professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics, based at the Ridgetown Campus. He completed a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics at the University of Guelph in 2007. Previously, Richard worked for three years as a Production Economist for Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development. He grew up on a cash-crop farm just outside of Guelph.

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Teaching Interests:

Agricultural Economics, Marketing

Select Publications:

Vyn, R. J. (2015). The effect of agricultural zoning on rural residential property values: An application to Ontario  Greenbelt.  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 63 (3): 281-307.

Deaton, B. J. & Vyn, R. J. (2015). The effect of Ontario Greenbelt on the price of vacant farmland.  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 63 (2): 185-208.

Mahoney, K. J., R. J. Vyn, and C. L. Gillard. (2015). The effect of pyraclostrobin on soybean plant health, yield, and profitability in Ontario. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 95 (2): 285-292.    

Hailu, G., Vyn, R. J., & *Ma, Y. (2014). The demand for pork products in Canada: Discount promotions and cannibalization. Agribusiness: an International Journal 30 (4): 470-492.    

Vyn, R. J. & *McCullough, R. M. (2014). The effects of wind turbines on property values in Ontario: Does public perception match empirical evidence?  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 62 (3): 365-392.

*Congreves, K. A., Vyn, R. J., & Van Eerd, L. L. (2013). Evaluation of post-harvest organic carbon amendments as a strategy to minimize nitrogen losses in cole crop production. Agronomy, 3 (1): 181-199.

Vyn, R. J., T. Virani, and B. Deen. (2012). Examining the economic feasibility of miscanthus in Ontario: An application to the greenhouse industry. Energy Policy 50: 669-676.

Vyn, R. J. (2012). The effectiveness of alternative marketing strategies for Ontario corn and soybean producers. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 60 (4): 427-449

Vyn, R. J. (2012). Examining for evidence of the leapfrog effect in the context of strict agricultural zoning. Land Economics 88 (3): 457-477.

Vyn, R. J., Z. Haq, J. Weerahewa, and K. D. Meilke. (2012). The influence of market returns and government payments on Canadian farmland values. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37 (2): 1-14.

Reilly, K. A., J. D. Lauzon, R. J. Vyn, and L. L. Van Eerd. (2012). Nitrogen cycling, profit margins and sweet corn yield under fall cover crop systems. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 92 (2): 353-365.

Stewart C. L., R. E. Nurse, L. L. Van Eerd, R. J. Vyn, and P. H. Sikkema. (2011). Weed control, environmental impact and economics of weed management strategies in glyphosate-tolerant soybean. Weed Technology 25 (4): 535-541.

O'Reilly, K. A., D. E. Robinson, R. J. Vyn, and L. L. Van Eerd. (2011). Weed populations, sweet corn yield and economics following fall cover crops. Weed Technology 25 (3): 374-384.

Deaton, B. J., and R. J. Vyn. (2010). The effect of strict agricultural zoning on agricultural land values: The case of Ontario’s Greenbelt.  American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92 (4): 941-955.

Research Interests:

Land use policy and farmland values, economic analysis of agricultural production practices, simulation modeling, hedonic analysis.