Interactive Global Research Map

University of Guelph researchers are engaged in research activities in a number of countries worldwide. They are actively addressing global issues, whether it be food security, the environment, water resources, health, or critical social issues that impact communities around the globe. To find out more about our global research browse the interactive global map. Each map marker represents a research activity. While the map features a wide range of these activities it is not comprehensive, and is therefore updated periodically.

Accessible list of global research activities

Last updated: July 23, 2019

Helpful Search Tips

To search for research activities by “Name” or by “Location” use the box in the bottom right corner of the map:
name or location box

  • Searching by “Name” allows you to search for the full title of a research activity, or for any research activities that contain certain key words.
  • Searching by “Location” allows you to search for all research activities close to a certain geographical location, such as a city, state, or country.

To start a new search, click on the new search button.

To use Advanced Search click on the magnifying glass advanced search icon in the top right corner of the map. For best advanced search results it is recommended that you use the following fields:

  • “Name” (i.e. title of the research activity).
  • “U of G Researchers” (i.e. name of the researcher; search by Last Name, First Name OR Last Name ONLY OR First Name ONLY).

To start a new advanced search, click on the resetbutton.

Submit a Research Activity

To submit a global research activity that is not featured on this map please submit it here.