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In the School of Environmental Sciences we teach, study, and conduct research, in the life and physical sciences to address critical environmental issues and processes related to the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere,and biosphere.

SES provides and fosters academic excellence in a diverse suite of undergraduate and graduate programs focused on the comprehensive study of biotic and abiotic interactions and environmental issues in natural and managed ecosystems.

SES is a highly respected, research-intensive community that promotes communication and collaboration among academics, industry and government at the provincial, national and international levels.
SES also provides a portal for your exploration of the University of Guelph's extraordinary strength in environmental sciences.

SES Highlights

Article from UofG Home page..A study co-authored by a University of Guelph scientist that involved fitting bumblebees with tiny radio frequency...

Hello SES!

A quick thank you to everyone who came out or helped out with last month's summer fiesta. Bull Ring food is always delicious...

Dr. Daniel Giménez is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Graduate Program Director of...

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