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Program Counselling & Advising

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Students admitted to the University are responsible for understanding and meeting certain responsibilities regarding Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures, degree requirements, course requirements, Schedule of Dates, rules of conduct and accessing the University of Guelph email account, but have access to support in various ways.

The responsibilities of students regarding academic advising are to seek, when necessary:

Below is a listing of OAC program counselling websites:

Why or when should I see a program counsellor?

Program counsellors have particular expertise in the degree program requirements and regulations, as well as the various specializations and their fit within the degree program. A program counsellor is also familiar with the policies and procedure that govern university practice. The role of a program counsellor is:

  • provide information about academic requirements of the degree program, including admission requirements, Schedule of Studies requirements, Continuation of Study requirements, and graduation requirements
  • refer to other campus services, as necessary
  • communicate information about the degree program to the dean, chairs and directors, faculty advisors, curriculum committees, program committees; and to bring forward any concerns of issues as students progress through the Schedule of Studies for the degree program
  • liaise with the faculty advisor for the specialization, in order to provide information about the degree program and the fit of the specialization within the degree program

The following are some examples of situations where you would consult with your program counsellor.

  • You require academic consideration due to medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds
  • You have questions about your academic standing (eligible to continue, probation, required to withdraw)
  • You have any questions about courses you should or would like to take
  • You are considering changing degree programs
  • The Course Selection Period has ended and you wish to change one of your courses
  • You missed the drop deadline on the last day of classes (last day of the Course Selection Period in the second semester for two-semester courses) and you wish to drop a course
  • You wish to take a course at another University for credit towards your University of Guelph degree
  • You have questions about what courses you are required to take to satisfy requirements for your degree program

Please note: This is not a complete list of reasons why you may seek their assistance. You can find more information on counselling & advising on the UAIC website. If for any reason you feel that you cannot talk to your Program Counsellor you should contact OAC’s Associate Dean – Academic, Jon Warland, at 519-824-4120, Ext. 53492 or