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Student Perspectives

Anna stands with large brown horse whose mane is tied in braids

Meet Anna, equine management student

Anna found the perfect program to match her interests, and pursued it despite it being in new country and taught in essentially a new language! Four years later she’s wrapping up her studies in equine management and is considering the next steps in her equine career.  

Coey smiles wearing earpods with sun reflecting off a lake behind her

Meet Coey, food industry management student

Coey came to Guelph from Hong Kong to pursue her interest in a food career. After four co-op placements she’s learned a lot about the different career opportunities and what she enjoys most. She’s also learned a new city, a new language and how to get out of her comfort zone to make great friends.

Kelly stands in front of green corn field smiling

Meet Kelly, crop science student

Kelly is a 4th year crop science student who discovered her passion for plants while studying at U of G. She also discovered a network of supporters, friends and mentors within the OAC community.

John stands with hands in pockets of brown leather jacket in front of University of Guelph sign

Meet Jon, animal science student

Jon may have been a bit tentative about coming to the University of Guelph, but he quickly made friends and hasn’t looked back. He’s spent his four years as an Aggie doing all sorts of activities on campus.

Hoshanah holds a grey cat up to her face smiling

Meet Hoshanah, animal science student

Hoshanah is wrapping up her animal science studies and hopes to get into vet school next. During her time in undergrad she's really enjoyed her program, professors and classmates. 

Wafa smiles with U of G hoodie on, yellow wall behind her

Meet Wafa, landscape architecture student

Wafa is a second year BLA student who loves hanging out at the Starbucks on campus and playing intramural sports offered through Athletics. She calls Burnaby, B.C. home but pursued her studies at U of G becuase of its unique landscape architecture program.

Priscilla in suit jacket smiles standing in front of cedar trees

Meet Priscilla, horticulture student

Priscilla didn’t initially choose to study horticulture but decided to transfer after first year. She loves the applied aspects of her major and how broad the options are in horticulture (both study and career-wise).  

Madeline leans over and touches wheat in a field with ipad in other hand

Meet Madeline, honours agriculture student

Madeline is a classic U of G “Aggie” both through her program of study and her pursuit of learning outside the classroom. She’s taken her time at U of G to travel, learn, explore careers and meet people who share her interest in all things agriculture.

A person in a yellow sweater and gold bracelets typing on a laptop.

5 tips to improve your scientific writing in 1st and 2nd year

Even in a science degree, writing papers can make up a large chunk of your final grade. Being able to apply and communicate your understanding of the course material through writing is an important contributor to your mark.

Katie on a small lawn tractor smiling as she drives on a golf course

Meet Katie Giles, Turfgrass Management Student

Originally, Katie didn’t realize she could study turfgrass management. Fast forward two years later, she’s finishing up her diploma at the University of Guelph. She even has a fulltime job waiting for her post-graduation at the same course where she completed her summer co-op placement.

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