Student Perspectives

Head shot of Nicole Unterlander.

Meet Nicole, PhD Plant Agriculture Student

Nicole became interested in plant science while volunteering in a biology lab during her undergraduate degree. She was naturally interested in research and was drawn to the University of Guelph to pursue a PhD in Plant Agriculture. She spends her free time practicing yoga, reading, and baking and is the PhD representative on the Plant Agriculture Graduate Student Liaison Committee (GSLC). Nicole is considering a post-doctoral fellowship or career in industry after graduation.

Head shot of Giulia Kobylnik.

Meet Giulia, Food Science Student

Food science wasn’t initially the plan for Giulia Kobylnik, now a third year student at the University of Guelph. However, after touring the Guelph campus and learning about the food science program, her plans immediately changed. Outside of the classroom, Guilia enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking, and meditating.

Evan Poncelet, standing beside a body of water, on a camping adventure.

Meet Evan, Food Science Student

Evan was drawn to the University of Guelph (U of G) from the history and reputation of The Department of Food Science. When he is not camping, Evan keeps busy on campus through his involvement in the Food Science Club and Games Club. He plans to pursue a career in food product development in the future.

Head shot of Sarah Kay, holding a goat.

Meet Sarah, Animal Science Student

Fourth-year animal science student Sarah Kay had her eyes set on the University of Guelph since high school. Sarah is passionate about working with animals and is involved with various activities across campus. After graduation Sarah plans to pursue graduate studies or work in animal behaviour and welfare.

Head shot of Katherine in a food science laboratory.

Meet Katherine, PhD Food Science Student

Katherine is pursuing a PhD in Food Science. She is part of the Food Science Graduate Club and works as a teaching assistant (TA) with the Department of Food Science. She plans to continue with research focused on plant proteins and interface science for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, or cannabis industries after graduation.

Head shot of Stephen Dawoud, playing the ukulele.

Meet Stephen, Animal Biology Student

Stephen Dawoud, an animal biology student, is passionate about studying and working with animals. In his free time, Stephen is involved with the Animal Biology Student Association (ABSA) and enjoys playing musical instruments. After graduation Stephen hopes to continue his education in veterinary medicine.

Head shot of Clarissa, standing in front of the Gryphon statue.

Meet Clarissa, Food and Agricultural Business Student

Clarissa, a food and agricultural business student, jumped right into all the University of Guelph and OAC has to offer. During her time on campus, Clarissa has been a part of the cheerleading team, held various roles on the College Royal executive team, and been actively involved in OAC events. Clarissa still finds time to balance school work and activities with fun and relaxation. She plans to pursue a career in agri-marketing and communications after graduation.

Takeaways from ENVS*3330 Flexible Environmental Internship

ENVS*3330 is a flexible environmental internship opportunity that combines a course credit with a 40-hour unpaid internship. This course is offered to environmental science students, who are looking to pursue a career in the environmental sector. Experiential learning is a great way for students to gain work experience and get their foot in the door to the workforce relevant to their field of interest. This course includes synchronous and asynchronous components with lectures on career building skills and preparation.

Head shot of Sarah Krolewski

Meet Sarah, Environment and Resource Management Co-op Student

Sarah is a third year environmental sciences co-op student. In her spare time, she volunteers as a writer for The Ontarion, independant newspaper at the University of Guelph. Passionate about the environment, she is particularly interested in water conservation and plans to explore graduate studies after completing her degree or pursue a career related to water.

Head shot of William Kramer

Meet William, M.Sc. Plant Agriculture Student

Originally from Alberta, William is working toward completing a master's of science in plant agriculture. William developed an interest in agricultural research during his undergraduate which helped his decision to pursue further education. William hopes to continue working in agricultural research and advancing current agricultural practices in a sustainable direction.

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