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Student Perspectives

A selfie of Benjamin, wearing a grey t-shirt and brown baseball hat, with blue sky in the background.

Meet Benjamin Scott, EEP student

Benjamin is a student in the Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) program, who is passionate about solving environmental issues, like climate change, in an equitable and fair manner. He enjoys the interdisplinary nature of the bachelor of science in environmental sciences program, that allows him to take courses on a varety of subjects. When he isn't exploring U of G's beautiful campus you can find him among the books in the McLaughlin Library

Takeaways from LARC*4620 (BLA Internship)

My name is Emma Cervinka and I am a third-year student in the bachelor of landscape architecture (BLA) program at the University of Guelph. I grew up in London, Ontario and always had an interest in engineering and art which is why I chose to study in the BLA program, as it provides a blend of science and design! So far, I have loved my time at the University of Guelph (U of G), and I am very sad to already be graduating next spring. 

Cameron kneels with his dog Murphy in a snowy woods.

My landscape architecture internship

In LARC*4620 (Landscape Architecture Internship), students in the bachelor of landscape architecture (BLA) program can engage in a paid experiential learning opportunity working in a professional office, while receiving mentorship by a registered landscape architect.  

Reflections from a third year student

Navigating academics, work and social life while thinking about future careers can be challenging. For this blog post Hannah, a first year animal biology student, asks a third year animal biology some questions about their undergraduate experience so far.

Head shot of Amber Zupan.

Meet Amber, M.Sc. Animal Biosciences Student

Amber Zupan completed her undergraduate degree in animal biology at the University of Guelph. She is completing a master of science in animal biosciences focusing on animal nutrition. Her current research is looking at the minimum fibre requirement for feedlot cattle and improving the prediction of ruminal pH. Amber looks forward to working full-time with Grober Nutrition after graduation.

Lola poses with a dog.

Meet Lola, M.Sc. Animal Biosciences Student

Master's student Lola Jung is passionate about working with animals. She’s an equine enthusiast and is interested in equine physiology, the pathology of osteoarthritis, and feed efficiency in the production animals. When she isn't pursuing research in the lab, she can be found biking around Guelph, spending time on her family farm or gardening.

Head shot of Brock Levac.

Meet Brock, M.Sc. Food Science Student

Brock Levac is a master’s student in the Department of Food Science. His research focuses on the synthesis of betalains released during the spoilage of fresh food. Brock's passion for food science began while working at a distillery during his undergrad. In his spare time, he enjoys an active lifestyle and can be found at the gym, running or participating in yoga class. 

Head shot of Carl Shin.

Meet Carl, Turfgrass Management Student

A passion for golf and learning led Carl to the Turfgrass Management program at the University of Guelph. Carl is involved with various organizations across campus including the Korean Student Association and Guelph Turf Club, in addition he works at the Gryphon Centre Arena. Carl plans to travel to Western Canada to complete his internship at a golf course in British Columbia.

Head shot of Edward Flaherty.

Meet Edward, PhD Plant Agriculture Student

Edward grew up in Guelph and has always loved the city. After researching options for graduate studies, he decided to return to pursue a master of science in plant agriculture due to the programs reputation. Edward enjoys spending time in the outdoors participating in activities such as mountain biking, golfing, skiing, and hiking. When he's not working in lab, you might find him at the Arboretum, one of his favourite spots on campus!

Head shot of Ibrahim Mohammed

Meet Ibrahim, PhD Environmental Sciences Student

Ibrahim Mohammed is an international graduate student in environmental sciences. He is passionate about soil science and finding a sustainable solution for food production. Ibrahim volunteers with the Corteva Agricultural Sciences Symposium and works as a teaching assistant (TA). He plans to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship after graduation.

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