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Summerlee Science Complex, Room 1313
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1
(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56431

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Executive Team

Headshot of Richard Zytner

Dr. Richard G. Zytner

Interim Dean

(519) 824-4120

Woman with brown shoulder length hair, pale pink sweater.

Dr. Monica Cojocaru

Interim Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies)

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 53295

Headshot of Karen Gordon

Dr. Karen Gordon

Associate Dean (Academic)

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 52688

Headshot of Dr. Daniel Thomas

Dr. Daniel Thomas

Associate Dean (Academic) (Acting)

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 52688

Finance and Operations

Headshot of Mark Torcoletti

Mark Torcoletti

Associate Director, Finance & Operations

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 53640

Headshot of Rome Khamkeuang

Rome Khamkeuang

Senior Manager, Information Technology, CEPS and College of Biological Sciences


Headshot of Chrissy Shannon

Chrissy Shannon

Administrative Officer

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56430

Headshot of Kate Moikbroek

Kate Mooibroek

Administrative Assistant and Awards Officer

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56431

Research, Research Communications and Graduate Studies

Headshot of Bethany Davidson-Eng

Dr. Bethany Davidson-Eng

Manager, Research

Academics and Outreach

Headshot of Jean Hein

Jean Hein

Manager, Outreach

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56395

Headshot of Bonnie Lasby

Bonnie Lasby

Program Counsellor

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 53049

Headshot of Errin Campbell

Errin Campbell

Academic Assistant

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56176

Marketing and Communications

Headshot of Alex Rodgers

Alex Rodgers

Manager, Marketing & Communications (On Leave)

Headshot of Purvi Patel

Purvi Patel

Recruitment Officer

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 52814

Headshot of Elizabeth Thomson

Elizabeth Thomson

Acting Manager, Marketing & Communications

Teams Chat

Alumni Affairs & Development

Headshot of Dan Penfold

Dan Penfold

Senior Development Manager 

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 54821

Headshot of Chandler Gray

Chandler Gray

Alumni Advancement Manager

Centre for Advancing Responsible and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (CARE-AI)

Headshot of Kevin Matsui

Kevin Matsui

Managing Director, CARE-AI

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 52123

Headshot of Farrah Trahan

Farrah Trahan

Administrative Assistant, CARE-AI

(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56568

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