Research Highlights

Close up photo of a colony of bees in a hive

Buzzworthy Math

Using math to uncover honeybee disease dynamics and protect these important pollinators.

Hand holding a test tube that has plants growing inside. Background shows additional test tubes with plants growing inside them.

Catalysts for Change

U of G researchers are exploring chemical methods that will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 

Photo showing a person's hand placed on top of soil on the ground.

Capturing Carbon

How U of G engineers are reducing climate change by trapping carbon dioxide in soils.

Image showing a wildfire in British Columbia.

Fired Up

U of G professor uses mathematical modelling to fight wildfires in British Columbia.

Person holding an illustration of an atom against the backdrop of space.

Up and Atom

U of G physicists examine ultracold particles in new ways, setting the stage for future breakthroughs.

Close-up of eye with computer code overlaid

Point and Click

U of G researchers test the limits of artificial intelligence for analyzing ecological images.

Hands outstretched, holding a seedling. Background includes drawn images of chemistry symbols.

Green Science

Research at the University of Guelph’s Electrochemical Technology Centre will help save our planet.

Satellite image showing Quebec.

Seeing Clearly

U of G engineers use machine learning to improve images of our planet.

Photograph of a quantum computer in a laboratory.

A Quantum Leap

U of G researchers explore precision and applications for quantum computing technology.

Colourful drawn image of black hole in the center of the Earth's Milky Way galaxy.

Universal Forces

How gravity behaves around black holes can help us probe centers of galaxies.

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