Research Highlights

Barcode Cracking

U of G computer scientists and biologists create software to help catalogue our world’s species.

Drink Up

New methods to assess groundwater contamination will help keep our drinking water safe.

iPhone sitting on sudoku puzzle with pen in background

Playing it Smart

U of G researchers create artificial intelligence models that ‘learn’ to solve math puzzles.

A variety of cereal grains

Shape-Shifting DNA

U of G researchers develop new way to detect food contaminants that is simpler and cheaper.

Lab set up with a large NMR system

Protein Puzzles

U of G researchers follow the unfolding of cellular proteins to find out what makes them stable.

Woman holding up a microfluidic chip

Chip Away Costs

Finding a better, cheaper way to make microchips that can be used as diagnostic tools.

Playing it Safe

Researchers keep online gaming safe by learning how and where to find evidence of cyber-crimes.

Colourful star explosion

Rules of Attraction

Researchers calculate the weight of neutron stars, the strongest magnets in the universe.

Image of a cell membrane with embedded proteins

On the Surface

New life-like model of cell membrane will enable a better look at cell surface proteins.

Slice of bread with measuring tape wrapped around it

Let Them Eat Bread

University of Guelph researchers modify starch to slow its digestion and prevent a post-meal blood sugar spike.

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