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Culture and Technology Studies Major

Culture and Technology Studies

Admission Requirements

Learn to Think Outside the Box

 Combining Culture and Technology

Culture and Technology Studies combines a passion for arts and culture with the complexities and curiousity about the technological world.

< Gain Hands-On, Multidisciplinary Experience

The CTS program includes hands-on experimentation in cultural analysis, creation, representation, visualization, and performance using digital and related technologies.

 Tackle Technology Ethics 

What does it mean to ethically live in a digital world? Learn through theoretical and practical experience in the Power, Identities and Equity area of focus on how to craft the future of technology in an ethical way, as well as our relationship to it.

What is Culture and Technology Studies?

Since the beginning of time, humankind has used technology in different ways, from simple tools to the digital age we find ourselves in currently. The more humans interacted with technology, the more they asked of their tools, and the relationship between humans and technology in turn was a powerful force in shaping culture more generally. Today, technology allows us to stay connected instantaneously with one another, algorithms create curated social media feeds to present to us exactly what we want to see, and fake news runs rampant as every person can voice personal opinions to a wide audience. The connections between humanity and technology grow increasingly complex with every passing day.

Examples include: - Landline phones to handheld touch-screen cell phones = instant response time - Slow AOL internet servers to Alexa’s artificial intelligence = get answers anytime - Physical newspaper delivery to digital buzzfeed articles = find any news article - From America’s Funniest Home Videos TV to YouTube, Tik Tok and Reels = constant entertainment With this in mind, we know it is important that our future leaders, innovators, and influencers have the knowledge, training, and expertise to manage ethical decisions and mobilise unique, creative problem-solving skills as we move toward a thriving digital future. To do this, you’ll combine all the dynamic, creative possibilities of training in the arts and humanities with all the functional and technology fluency of studies in computer science for a powerful, unique, highly-in demand skill set to tackle the complex problems of tomorrow.

You will choose one stream to pursue, where you will focus on courses centered around: - (1) Performance, Making & Design: such as, digital technologies such as, 3D design, podcasting, & digital music, etc. - (2) Storytelling & Public Humanities: such as, digital storytelling such as, podcasts, video games, electronic literature, etc. - (3) Power, Identities, & Equity: such as, understanding the role of technologies in the analysis of power and methods of civic engagement, etc. You will take courses across the Arts such as, History, English, Political Science, Studio Art, Sociology, Philosophy, and more. Graduates of this program will be successful in careers such as, marketing, game design, social service, publishing, advocacy, education, web design, analytics, and more.

Students in the Culture and Technology Studies (CTS) major at the University of Guelph might also be interested in studying Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, English, History, Studio Art, or other majors.

What You Will Learn

  • Culture and Technology, Keywords
  • Web Design and Development
  • Introduction to Computing
  • Programming
  • (1) Performance, Making & Design, examples: 
    - The Languages of Media,
    - Introduction to Performance
    (2) Storytelling & Public Humanities, examples:
    - Understanding Politics
    - Art Historical Studies I
    (3) Power, Identities, and Equity, examples:
    - Sex, Love and Friendship
    - Indigenous Language and Culture

  • Scripting for the Humanities
  • Digital Approaches to Culture
  • (1) Performance, Making & Design, examples:
    - Photography I, 0.50
    - Creating Music on the Computer
    (2) Storytelling & Public Humanities, examples:
    - Elements of Creative Writing
    - History of Communication
    (3) Power, Identities, and Equity, examples:
    - Gender and Politics
    - Women, War and Nation

  • Data and Difference
  • Digital Arts & Critical Making
  • Digital Storytelling
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • (1) Performance, Making & Design, examples: 
    - Printmaking and Photo/Digital Technologies
    - Cinema and the Moving Image
    (2) Storytelling & Public Humanities, examples:
    - Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop
    - Public Art
    (3) Power, Identities, and Equity, examples:
    - Revolution in the Modern World
    - Gender and Global Inequality I

  • Digital Publishing
  • Project Management and Prototyping
  • Digital Research Project
  • (1 and 2), Experiential learning courses
    (3) Power, Identities, and Equity, examples:
    - Migration, Inequality and Social Change
    - Africa and the Slave Trades

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Gain Valuable Experience with Co-op 

The CTS co-op program is a four-and-a-half-year program, including up to four work terms. Students have access to companies and organizations in almost every industry due to the program’s connection to technology and the human experience through digital storytelling, communication, programming, design, art, music, media, writing, etc. This wide range of interests and skills can be applied in many workplaces from government and non-governmental organizations, non-profit and community-based organizations and the private sector, with co-op granting you valuable experience to build your resume and career.

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