French Studies Major

French Studies

Why French Studies?

Did you know that Canada and France aren’t the only two countries in the world where French is spoken as the official primary or secondary language? Over 250 million people speak the language or live in francophone countries world-wide, including Africa and the Caribbean. The French language is everywhere


Why French Matters

There are many reasons to consider a French degree, some of which include:

  1. Speaking French will increase your job prospects and potential salary
    • Many governments, industries, and countries that trade with Canada speak French, which would allow for greater career mobility long-term.
  2. Understanding French will allow you to compete in the future global economy
    • In many countries, students learn 2-3 additional languages, which allows them to communicate easily and participate in business negotiations or transactions.
  3. Studying French increases your appreciation of other cultures and its people
    • French is known as the gateway to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, architecture, sport, and cinema.
    • From the Cannes International Film Festival to the Tour du France and the Louvre, the French language is present at some of the world’s most renowned events and establishments, which you could be part of.
    • Additionally, as globalization and internationalization continue to rise across the world, cultural competency and international relationships become valuable assets.
  4. By learning a new language, you develop your creative and critical thinking skills
    • Using a different part of your brain to comprehend a new language, translate it, and communicate helps to improve memory, focus, creativity, and self-esteem.


French and Your Future Career

As a graduate of this program, you will have strong oral and written French language skills that you can apply successfully in teamwork, social awareness, critical thinking, research, management, and problem-solving within careers such as, teaching, immigration, entrepreneurship, marketing, translation services, government, international business, United Nations correspondence, and more.


Students in the French Studies FREN program may also be interested in studying Linguistics, European StudiesHistory, Political Science, International Development Studies, Philosophy, or other majors.

To see all courses offered in this degree, visit our 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.

Become Bilingual and a World Traveler

 Get PAID to Learn French

Supported by the Federal Government of Canada to increase bilingualism among English-speaking Canadians, students who pursue French Studies at the University of Guelph can apply for the French as a Second Language Scholarship, which is worth up to $3K for each award! It’s rewarding to be bilingual!

 Join Canada's Bilingual Workforce

Employees capable of speaking both official languages are highly sought after, especially within the federal government, in organizations with offices in bilingual areas, and in the field of bilingual education.

 Develop Your Skills in Quebec or France

Immerse yourself in the French language, culture, and food by attending a university in:

  • Chicoutimi, Quebec
  • Rhone-Alpes region of south-east France.

Do an internship teaching French in a local school, contribute to international research, or support organizations in need of translation services.

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