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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Elevate Your Career with Our M.Eng. Program

The University of Guelph is educating engineers who will shape our future. Our strengths lie in diverse, multi-disciplinary research and strong collaborations to solve complex challenges. Deliberately crafted to cater to both seasoned professionals and fresh graduates, our program offers a comprehensive exploration of six distinct fields of study, providing a solid foundation for career growth and specialization. Our graduates apply the advanced technical expertise gained in the M.Eng. to excel in industry.

 Hollistic Curriculum

Experience a unique blend of technical mastery and essential soft skills with our curriculum, setting you up for success in today's professional landscape.

 Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Gain diverse perspectives for a broader skillset through cross-disciplinary learning with top schools and industry experts.

 Cutting-edge Facilities & Resources

Access state-of-the-art software in our labs for designing complex systems. Collaborate with expert faculty in your research field.


 Industry Ties

Our proximity to Toronto unlocks prime industry connections, offering invaluable collaborations, internships, and networking opportunities.

 Global Appeal for International Students

Our M.Eng. program is highly sought-after by international students, reflecting its global recognition and appeal.

 Diverse Industry Success by Alumni

M.Eng. grads thrive in various industries worldwide, from Linamar Corporation to Google, showcasing our program's career readiness. 

Why a Master of Engineering?

Whether you aspire to enhance your career prospects or make a significant impact in industry, a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) provides the ideal platform for honing your talents and deepening your understanding of your chosen discipline.

With a faculty composed of distinguished experts and a curriculum designed to foster creativity and critical thinking, this program equips you with the tools to excel in the competitive world of engineering, positioning you as a leader in shaping the future of technology.

Here are just a few careers our alumni pursue:

  • Mechanical designer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Junior process engineer
  • Water resources engineer
  • Project coordinator
  • Mechanical/energy designer
  • Data developer
  • Software engineer
  • Software developer
  • Quality control engineer
a group of grad students gathering around a robotic arm
Portrait of Petros Spachos
The M.Eng. program plays a crucial role in preparing students for their careers by providing them with advanced knowledge, skills, and experiences tailored to the demands of the field. Several courses emphasize hands-on learning experiences through lab work and projects. An important aspect of the program is that it encourages interdisciplinary collaboration by offering courses that intersect with different engineering disciplines. Overall, it provides a comprehensive educational experience that equips students with technical expertise.

Petros Spachos, PhD, Faculty
Faculty Member, School of Engineering

student in a lab working with a solution in a beaker
student working on a microchip

Apply Now

Apply to the University of Guelph in one of two ways: 


Common App

International Scholarships

The University of Guelph offers a range of financial aid programs, through which $4.6 million was awarded to graduate international students in 2022.

Applicants must be graduates of an honours engineering program with at least a 70% average in the past four full semesters or the last two complete undergraduate years or the equivalent. International degree and grade equivalents will be determined by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Applicants must demonstrate acceptable analytical ability by having taken a sufficient number of courses in mathematics, and the physical sciences. 

View the full Engineering graduate admission requirements here.

OUAC application deadlines are currently posted as following for both domestic and international students for all Engineering Graduate Programs:

  • Winter semester (January entry): Applications due by August 1st of the previous year
  • Summer semester (May entry): Applications due by December 1st of previous year
  • Fall semester (September entry): Application by May 1st

It is recommended that International applicants apply a minimum of 9 months in advance of the program's start date to allow time for study permit application processing time.

More details on the U of G graduate program application process here.

  • Review the uploading documents information for instructions on providing required supporting documents to complete your application.   
  • Offer letters indicate the requirement for official transcripts by the first class day of the semester in which you start your program.
  • International applicants should apply with consideration given to time needed for immigration procedures if you receive an offer. International students are required to submit a valid study permit and passport when they arrive on campus. 
  • Not sure what your “admission average” is? Here’s more details on how to calculate it: Calculating Your Admission Average | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. International applicants: please use this guide to compare your academic credentials and determine the grade equivalency needed. Additional information available on the International Applicants page.
  • More resources for international applicants are available on the U of G Graduate & Postdoctoral website.


For questions on applying and admissions, contact: 

Luisa Cazzola
Graduate Program Assistant - Admissions
519-824-4120, Ext. 53727 

For questions on graduate program options, contact:

Graduate Program Assistant - MEng
519-824-4120 Ext. 52404

Portrait of Sara Bagherian
Choosing to pursue my Master of Engineering at the University of Guelph was a vital step towards my dream of becoming a mechanical designer in the robotics industry. Through courses like Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, undertaking a master's major project, and closely collaborating with industrial robots as a teaching assistant for the robotics systems course, I acquired the necessary skills for my current dream job.

Sara Bagherian, M.Eng.
Master of Engineering Graduate, Mechanical Engineering

Portrait of Yesha Patel
As I reflect on my journey through the master's program, I am immensely grateful for the opportunities it has offered me and the profound impact it has had on my intellectual and professional growth. I am thankful to the faculty of the engineering department at University of Guelph for their guidance throughout my M.Eng. program. From lectures to hands-on projects, every aspect of the program helped me to foster critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration to excel in my career.

Yesha Patel, M.Eng., Alumni
M.Eng. Graduate