two scientists inspecting a fruit plant in a greenhouse. they are wearing lab coats and protective gloves

Master of Sustainable Agriculture

Improve the environment and help feed the world.

The U of G’s Master’s in Sustainable Agriculture program is designed for forward-thinkers ready to cultivate change in the global food and agriculture landscape. Offered by the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), this inter-disciplinary course-based master’s program equips you with the latest advancements in sustainable plant or livestock agricultural practices, while empowering you with skills in data analysis, agricultural economics, communication, and leadership. Customize your career path through specialized fields, flexible course options, professional development opportunities and internships to connect you with hiring organizations.

16 months
program length (or 4 semesters)
35k OAC alumni
making an impact around the world
Ranked #1 in Canada
for agricultural science

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals driven by a shared vision of building a more sustainable future for the global food and agriculture sector. Expand your network, collaborate on cutting-edge projects, and gain knowledge from industry partners that open doors to exciting career opportunities.

 Reach your career goals in sustainable agriculture

Develop advanced technical and career-focused skills through professional development courses.

 Connect with the Canadian agricultural sector

Network with potential employers through industry-focused internships and field trips to agricultural operations.

 Hands-on learning in sustainable agriculture

Learn to navigate the complexities of agricultural sustainability through Canada’s leaders in agriculture and food.

Enhance your expertise and skills in one of three academic fields:

a student inspecting a plant in a greenhouse

Plant Agriculture

Explore topics in plant physiology, biogeochemistry, breeding and genetics and crop production systems.

cows in a row, feeding

Livestock Agriculture

Explore topics in animal behaviour and welfare, breeding and genetics, physiology, nutrition and digital animal analytics.

two people examining a field, the person on the right is holding a tiling device

Environmental Sciences

Explore topics in soil sciences, agro-meteorology, controlled environments, integrated pest management, pollinator biology and conservation.

students at the ridgetown campus, walking on a path

Learn at the centre of Ontario's agriculture industry.

Apply yourself in hands-on field courses, build your network and experience living in a unique, rural community.

The first semester of your program is delivered at U of G’s Ridgetown Campus, located near London, Ontario. You’ll live in residence with your fellow classmates from around the world, complete field-based courses and experience living in the heart of Ontario’s agricultural sector. You’ll transition to the Guelph campus after your first semester to complete the remainder of the program. 

Laura in dark framed glasses and red polo shirt
My research is important because we look at the interface between agriculture and the environment. So we're trying to address grower issues and match that with the environment.

Dr. Laura Van Eerd, Faculty
Professor, School of Environmental Sciences
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Eduardo in grey dress shirt and jacket
We try to understand the biological problem at the cellular level and translate that information to the development of practical applications that could be adopted by the food animal industry in general. It's the combination of a basic science and applied research.

Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro, Faculty
Professor, Department of Animal Biosciences
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International Student Information

Students from around the world choose to complete their graduate studies at the University of Guelph. More than 550 graduate students from 83 different countries call Guelph home.

International students are encouraged to apply to the University of Guelph's Master's in Sustainable Agriculture program well in advance of the applications due date of August 31st to allow for sufficient time to arrange for necessary documentation, such as your transcript and visa information.

For more resources and information on how to apply to the program, visit the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

U of G’s International Student Experience Office supports the development, living and learning needs of all international students, connecting you to resources on - and off-campus to help you find your place on campus, manage the transition to Canada in a healthy way, and make being away from home easier.

Additional Program Options

You may also be interested in the Masters of Plant Agriculture (course-based) program.

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