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  • Group of people walking through a path in a green field

    Soils at Guelph is an outreach initiative working to increase awareness of soil research. It facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, including farmers,

  • Head shot of Art.

    Art is a professor in the Department of Food Science. His  research relates to dairy science and technology, especially cheese science, including cheese safety.

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RT : . spoke with Emo Research Station manager Kim Jo Bliss () about farmer #mentalHealth and last… https://t.co/fqle67KF4L

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RT : We proudly announce that our very own Prof. Claudia Wagner-Riddle was awarded a fellow of the ! A… https://t.co/oAP3QVkrX2

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Q&A with an Indigenous community planner https://t.co/sU81Xq6oDi Shannon Labelle is a recent Rural Planning & Dev… https://t.co/vQngMUgmxZ

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