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  • Head shot of Art.

    Art is a professor in the Department of Food Science. His  research relates to dairy science and technology, especially cheese science, including cheese safety.

  • Head shot of Yu Na.

    Yu Na is an economics professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics who studies how food price uncertainty affects food security, development and trade.

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12 hours 51 min ago

#UofG recognized for project to help families reduce food waste 🍌🍕🗑️ https://t.co/RCRL6NK6IM Profs. Kate Parizeau… https://t.co/Zc4q5q7ohf

13 hours 3 min ago

RT : Here's our special #WorldSoilDay "Talk Dirty To Me" episode! Featuring Dr. Bill Deen and Nicola Linton, we discuss… https://t.co/cpxVfK5Ap2

18 hours 47 min ago

🎙️Why&How Podcast: How can #dairy genomics fight climate change? For EP. 9 we chat with Adrien Butty & Kerry Houla… https://t.co/d7QQARIaju

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