Nanoscience Major

Nanoscience (NANO)

Admission Requirements

Discovering Science at the Nano Level

 From the Molecular Level to Global Impact

Draw upon chemistry and physics to become an expert in this innovative field; learn to control the atom-by-atom assembly of matter, form quantum dots and nanowires.

 Learn About Nanoscience Applications

Establish yourself and build a successful career in a fast-growing field! Understanding the world at the molecular level is increasingly important for creating many new technologies such as energy storage, human health and consumer staples.

 Gain Valuable Laboratory Experience

Reinforce your Nanoscience learning through unique laboratory settings where students learn to create nanoparticles and nanostructures using a wide range of research-grade nanotools and nanotechnology.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Nanoscience?

Nanoscience graduates have gone on to exciting careers,helping grow an area that is advancingresearch and playing a major role in industry and consumer products around the world.

Here are just a few careers our graduates have successfully pursued:

  • Nanolithography process designer
  • Nanoparticle toxicologist
  • Cancer nanotechnologist
  • Nanomaterials chemist
  • Project manager
  • Formulation Scientist

Why Nanoscience?

Comparable to the introduction of electricity and digital information revolutions, nanoscience is a transformative field. It is an inherently multidisciplinary approach that unites chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and engineering. Discoveries in nanoscience and nanotechnology are formed at the interface of these disciplines and are leading to breakthroughs in areas such as drug delivery and disease treatment, renewable energy and the advancement of consumer staples such as stain resistant fabrics and lightweight yet durable athletic equipment.

Students in the Nanoscience NANO program may also be interested in studying ChemistryPhysicsMechanical Engineering, or other majors.

NANO Course Calendar

Gain Invaluable Experience Through Co-op

Nanoscience co-op is a five-year program, which includes five work terms. This co-op prepares students for their work terms by helping them develop professional attitudes and skills expected in the workplace as well as helping to build a toolkit of resume and cover letter writing as well as interview skills.

NANO Co-op Calendar


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