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XI--Certificate Programs

Kemptville College

In addition to Diploma programs, Kemptville College offers a number of innovative certificate programs, developed with direct industry input to satisfy their requirements for qualified workers. These programs are designed to offer graduating students life-long, rewarding opportunities in power and equipment technology and equestrian careers.

Established in 1917, Kemptville College is one of Ontario's oldest and most beautiful colleges. Kemptville College is committed to specialized quality education and academic excellence with many years of experience, heritage, and tradition. As one of the colleges of the University of Guelph, Kemptville College is supported by the Agri-Food Industry of Eastern Ontario, Ontario Retail Farm Equipment Dealership Association (ORFEDA) as well as many well established institutions and associations in the Canadian business sector.

The College is a highly specialized school offering unique programs comparable to no other community college. All programs are integrated with technologically equipped facilities, computerized machinery and laboratory equipment. The college has built a strong foundation with a network of solid support from the industries of Canada. Preparation for exciting, challenging careers and employment begin at Kemptville College.

The college faculty and staff combine their extensive career experience with a strong desire to improve their respective industries in passing on this experience during the development and delivery of "In-Demand" training to all students.

This full commitment to students continues in supplying assistance and counsel as students move from college to the work environment.

The Power and Equipment Centre at Kemptville College is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training to deliver the in-school apprenticeship training requirements in farm equipment, heavy duty equipment and fork lift equipment apprentice mechanic training programs.

Campus tours are the best way for you to learn more about Kemptville College. Explore education possibilities or sample the lifestyle at our college. Tours are available year round, every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. with special tours to the residence. Touring the facilities, and making arrangements to discuss specific programs, you'll be sure to receive the personal attention you deserve. To find out more information about the Kemptville College, watch for posters and visiting dates available at your local school or call the Registrar's Office at 613-258-8336 ext 335 to arrange an appointment.

For information on admissions, fees, courses and program requirements for any of the following certificate programs contact the college directly at:

Equestrian Program

OCAS Program Code K103-One Semester, 18 Weeks.

The equestrian program offers students the opportunity to develop their riding, coaching and stable management capabilities. It also develops the knowledge and experience required to care for horses. This course is very skills oriented, and students learn "by doing". The Kemptville College environment is challenging and encourages team work.

Highlights of the program include:

The Equestrian Program begins in August and ends in mid-December, and may be offered during the Winter Semester from January through May. Since the program is totally skills oriented, enrolment is limited. The physical demands of this program include lifting, shovelling and riding. Therefore, it is essential that students applying be physically able to participate in these activities.

Required Courses:

CEQ010 Equine Reproduction
CEQ022 Equine Unsoundness
CEQ023 Horse Fitness
CEQ024 Stable Design/Tractor SFY
CEQ040 Coaching Techniques
CEQ050 English Riding
CEQ051 Western Riding
CEQ052 Stable Duty
CEQ060 Stable Management./Horse Health
CEQ061 Horse & Tack Care

Diesel Equipment Technician

OCAS Program Code K104-Two Semesters, 30 Weeks, beginning in September

Designed to provide technical knowledge and practical skills training for a variety of positions in the motive power industry and the greater rural community. This demanding program provides students with enhanced technological troubleshooting skills required by employers today.

The sophistication of the industry and its equipment continue to create a demand for skilled, well trained individuals, wishing to pursue careers, not only in service, but also in parts, sales, management and related positions.

This program places special emphasis on development of the knowledge, skills and self confidence needed to work effectively, confidently and independently in solving the challenging situations arising from the use of today's motive power equipment.


The Diesel Equipment Technician program includes all material found in the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, Apprenticeship Branch in-school curriculum for apprenticeship in Farm Equipment, Heavy Equipment, and Forklift mechanic trades. The first level (Common Core) of the Automotive and Truck/Coach apprenticeship is also covered. Upon successful completion of this program you may register, through your employer, as an apprentice in any one of these trades and receive the appropriate credits for training completed.

Semester One/15wks.

PE1219 Introduction to Computers
PE1217 Parts Department Operations
PE1218 Retail Business Practices
PE1316 Welding I
PE1409 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I
PE1311 Power Trains
PE1215 Applied Work Practices
PE1401 Internal Combustion Engines
PE1304 Fuel Systems I
PE1406 Electrical/Electronics I

Semester Two/15wks.

PE2217 Computer Applications
PE2213 Equipment Selling
PE2214 Service Management
PE2303 HD Diesel Fuel Systems
PE2307 Hydraulics/Pneumatics II
PE2216 Applied Work Practices II
PE2310 HD Power Trains
PE2301 HD Diesel Engines
PE2405 Electrical/Electronics II
PE2315 Welding II for Mechanics

Diesel Equipment Mechanic

OCAS Program Code K102-Two Semesters, 30 Weeks, beginning in September

Designed to provide practical up-to-date training for careers in diagnosing and repairing of equipment in farm, construction and heavy duty equipment industries.

You will have the opportunity to develop the skills involved in the diagnosis and repair of equipment found in farm, construction, or highway truck industries. The ever increasing sophistication of diesel equipment found in today's motive power market, coupled with a broad application in a number of industries, will continue to create a demand for skilled, well trained mechanics to maintain this equipment. This in-school program provides time allocation for trade theory, shop practice and industry related subjects.


The Diesel Equipment Mechanic program includes all requirements found in the Motive Power (Common Core) Apprenticeship in-school curriculum and most of the material from the 2nd and 3rd levels of the Farm Equipment, Heavy Equipment and Forklift curriculum as administered by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, Apprenticeship Branch. You will receive appropriate credits when you register as an apprentice mechanic.

Semester One/15 wks.

PE1316 Welding I for Mechanics
PE1410 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I
PE1412 Power Trains
PE1331 Applied Work Practices
PE1402 Internal Combustion Engines
PE1405 Fuel Systems I
PE1414 Steering/Suspension/Brakes
PE1407 Electrical/Electronics I

Semester Two/15wks.

PE1219 Introduction to Computers
PE2404 HD Diesel Fuel Systems
PE2328 Applied Work Practices
PE2408 Hydraulics/Pneumatics II
PE2411 HD Power Trains
PE2302 HD Diesel Engines
PE2506 Electrical/Electronics II
PE2315 Welding II for Mechanics

Golf and Turf Equipment Mechanic

OCAS Program Code K105-Two Semesters, 30 Weeks, Beginning in September

The Golf and Turf Equipment Mechanic program is designed to train students in the use, service, and repair of the various types of powered equipment used in the golf, turf, landscaping, and small equipment rental industries.

The ever increasing sophistication of the wide variety of specialized equipment found in these areas, continue to create a demand for skilled, well trained individuals pursuing interesting and challenging careers. Students will acquire knowledge and skills which will allow them to understand the mechanics of gas and diesel powered equipment, setup, diagnose, and perform routine service and repair work, and be familiar with basic principles of turf grass management.


The Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, Apprenticeship Branch is currently reviewing the in-school curriculum requirements for Small Engine and Golf Equipment Mechanic apprentice mechanic programs. The content of the Golf and Turf Equipment Mechanic program is drawn from these curricula, as well as the Farm and Heavy Duty Mechanic apprenticeship programs, and will be adjusted to address Ministry standards, to allow maximum credits towards apprenticeship in appropriate trades.

Semester One/15 wks.

PE1526 Internal Combustion Engines I
PE1427 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I
PE1428 Electrical/Electonics I
PE1429 Power Trains
PE1630 Turf Maintenance
PE1316 Welding for Mechanics I
PE1331 Applied Work Practices

Semester Two/15 wks.

PE2523 Internal Combustion Engines II
PE2424 Hydraulics/Pneumatics II
PE2425 Electrical/Electronics II
PE2426 Steering, Suspension and Brakes
PE2627 Equipment Maintenance and Repair
PE2328 Applied Work Practices
PE2329 Welding for Mechanics II

Welding and Equipment Repair

OCAS Program Code K101-Two Semesters, 30 Weeks, beginning in September

Students will have the opportunity to develop welding, fabrication and repair skills required for employment in a variety of repair and welding occupations. Employers need welders today with the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks in the fabrication, repair and maintenance fields. In addition to a sound knowledge of the safe and efficient use of welding equipment, students will gain an understanding of the operation and repair of equipment found in Ontario. The program places a heavy emphasis (70% of training hours) on the hands-on mode of training. You learn to weld by welding.


Students successfully meeting the completion standards of the Welding and Equipment Repair Program are given a certificate recognizing their achievements in specific welding operations.

Semester One/15 wks.
PE1624 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
PE1221 Welding & Metallurgy Theory
PE1222 Blue Print Reading for Welders
PE1225 Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
PE1320 Power Trains
PE1403 Internal Combustion Engines
PE1408 Electricity for Welders
PE1423 Oxyacetylene Welding I
PE1331 Applied Work Practices
Semester Two/15 wks.
PE1219 Introduction to Computers
PE2312 Steering, Suspension & Brakes
PE2621 Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
PE2222 Gas Tungsten (TIG) Arc Welding
PE2328 Applied Work Practices
PE2620 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II
PE2409 Hydraulics/Pneumatic Systems
PE2218 Welding & Metallurgy Theory II
PE2219 Oxyacetylene Welding II

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XI--Certificate Programs
Certificate Programs

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