University of Guelph 1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar

XI--Certificate Programs

Diesel Equipment Mechanic

OCAS Program Code K102 - Two Semesters (30 Weeks, beginning in September)

Designed to provide practical up-to-date training for careers in diagnosing and repairing of equipment in farm, construction and heavy duty equipment industries.

You will have the opportunity to develop the skills involved in the diagnosis and repair of equipment found in farm, construction, or highway truck industries. The ever increasing sophistication of diesel equipment found in today's motive power market, coupled with a broad application in a number of industries, will continue to create a demand for skilled, well trained mechanics to maintain this equipment. This in-school program provides time allocation for trade theory, shop practice and industry related subjects.


The Diesel Equipment Mechanic program includes all requirements found in the Motive Power (Common Core) Apprenticeship in-school curriculum and most of the material from the 2nd and 3rd levels of the Farm Equipment, Heavy Equipment and Forklift curriculum as administered by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, Apprenticeship Branch. You will receive appropriate credits when you register as an apprentice mechanic.

Semester One/15 wks.

CPE*1316 Welding I for Mechanics
CPE*1410 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I
CPE*1412 Power Trains
CPE*1331 Applied Work Practices
CPE*1402 Internal Combustion Engines
CPE*1405 Fuel Systems I
CPE*1414 Steering/Suspension/Brakes
CPE*1407 Electrical/Electronics I

Semester Two/15wks.

CPE*1219 Introduction to Computers
CPE*2404 HD Diesel Fuel Systems
CPE*2328 Applied Work Practices
CPE*2408 Hydraulics/Pneumatics II
CPE*2411 HD Power Trains
CPE*2302 HD Diesel Engines
CPE*2506 Electrical/Electronics II
CPE*2315 Welding II for Mechanics

1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
XI--Certificate Programs
Kemptville College

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