XII. Course Descriptions


DHRT*1000 Landscape Management F (2-3) [0.50]
The use of hand tools, power machinery, and traditional and contemporary methods in the on-going maintenance of landscape installations will be presented, along with proper equipment operation and safety.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*1050 Plant Identification I F (2-3) [0.50]
This course provides an introduction to the identification of common landscape plants. Students will learn to identify plants by sight through recognition of subtle differences. Botanical names will be taught. Growing requirements, physical features, ornamental characteristics and potential landscape uses will be discussed.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*2000 Greenhouse Management F,W (3-2) [0.50]
Students will learn the basics of greenhouse design and use. Topics such as structures, ventilation, heating, supplemental lighting, relative humidity, irrigation, fertility management and CO2 enrichment will be included. Management and cultural principles of commercial production of various horticultural crops in greenhouses will be used to illustrate management strategies.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1200
Location(s): Alfred (Offered even-numbered years), Ridgetown
DHRT*2050 Ecological Principles of Managed Landscapes W (3-2) [0.50]
This course focuses on ecological interactions in various situations related to horticulture and the environment - managed landscapes, greenhouses, nurseries. The adaptations of plants to specific environmental conditions and their ecological interrelatedness with other species, life histories, metapopulations and how these influence community structure. Students will acquire skills to produce native plant species in the greenhouse.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*2090 Introduction to Landscape Construction W (2-3) [0.50]
This course will examine materials and combinations of materials commonly used in landscape structures. Construction methods and common practices for a variety of landscape projects will be described and demonstrated. Use of the survey level and rod for taking elevations and for projects layout will be demonstrated. Information given will be suitable for taking pertinent Certified Horticultural Technician examinations. (Also offered through distance education format.)
Co-requisite(s): DAGR*2100
Restriction(s): Intended for Horticulture Diploma students.
DHRT*2100 Landscape Design I W (2-4) [0.50]
Students will study the principles of landscape design and learn how to integrate different design styles, different types of landscape materials, structures and plants to create an attractive residential living environment. Students will learn how to identify the design requirements of a site, choose appropriate plants or structures, arrange landscape components and draw a plan of the proposed layout. Introductory drafting techniques will be practised.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*1050
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*2200 Plant Propagation W (2-2) [0.50]
This course covers the principles and practices of propagation for horticultural plants. Sexual (seed) propagation to include seed maturation, dormancy and seed germination; vegetative (asexual) propagation, including division, layering, budding, grafting and tissue culture are also discussed.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1200
Location(s): Alfred (Offered odd-numbered years only.), Ridgetown
DHRT*2250 Horticultural Equipment Management W (2-3) [0.50]
This course examines common equipment used for horticultural practices. The student will develop the skills and knowledge to be able to maintain, adjust and repair equipment used in horticulture. A focus on shop practices and use of shop tools will be covered. This course will emphasize safety in all aspects of operation and use of equipment.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3010 Fruit and Vegetable Production F,W (4-0) [0.50]
Students in this course will develop a general understanding of fruit and vegetable production.
Location(s): Alfred (Offered odd-numbered years only.)
DHRT*3050 Plant Identification II F (2-3) [0.50]
This is an advanced course continuing the identification of landscape plants. Growing requirements, physical approximate size at maturity and ornamental characteristics will be discussed for each plant. Less common taxa and additional cultivars will be highlighted.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*1050
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3100 Landscape Design II F,W (2-4) [0.50]
Students will learn how to read landscape plans and blueprints, and interpret them for layout, costing, estimating, and installation. Landscape planning for parks, golf courses, commercial, institutional and industrial sites will be examined.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2100
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3120 Applied Landscape Construction F (1-4) [0.50]
This course provides training and practice in applied landscape construction techniques and safe work habits. Structures such as walls, paved areas, fences, lighting, water features and planting areas will be laid out and installed. Construction practices including base preparation, installation, backfilling and completion/finishing will be explored under supervision of trained landscape design-build experts. Skills will be evaluated at the Certified Horticultural Technician (CHT) level.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2090
Restriction(s): Intended for Horticulture Diploma students.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3150 Nursery Management F (2-3) [0.50]
The course covers the setup and organization of a horticultural nursery and the methods of production for field and container-grown landscape nursery stock including cultural management and merchandising in wholesale and retail operations.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2200
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3170 Horticultural Weed Science F (3-0) [0.50]
Identification of common weeds in horticulture, methods of weed control, herbicide mode of action and basis of selectivity are the primary areas included in this course.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1200
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3230 Soil and Water Use in Horticulture F (3-2) [0.50]
This course examines the role of landscape horticulture and nursery production on soil processes and water resources. The course will examine the effect of various landscape and production practices on soil transformations, as well as best management practices to conserve soil and water in landscapes, commercial nurseries, sod farms and on golf courses. In the landscape, other soil and water conservation techniques including plant selection, xeriscaping, scree gardening, the use of ground covers, and dry shade gardening will be covered. The student will also be introduced to various aspects of the hydrologic cycle: groundwater recharge and discharge, surface water movement and storage, water supply systems, water use and quality, and land drainage in the context of designing landscapes and production systems to reduce water use.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1300
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3300 Greenhouse Ornamental Production F,W (3-2) [0.50]
Production practices of selected greenhouse ornamental crops, pot crops and cut flower crops will be demonstrated.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2000, DHRT*2200
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3510 Experiential Learning in Horticulture S,F,W [0.50]
Student-initiated learning opportunities can be developed as a credit course in consultation with a supervising faculty member. Details of the activities included in the program will be outlined in a learning contract initiated by the student and agreed to by the faculty supervisor prior to the commencement of the work experience.
Prerequisite(s): 4.00 credits
Restriction(s): DAGR*3510, DFN*3510, Rregistration in the Diploma Program in Horticulture.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*3910 Special Study Project S,F,W (0-0) [0.50]
A self-directed student project focusing on a topic of academic and/or practical interest to the student. The student will identify and propose a detailed course outline to be reviewed and approved by the faculty supervisor prior to the commencement of the project. The project could include a research assignment, a literature review, a hands-on assignment with specific learning objectives and milestones for achieving these objectives.
Prerequisite(s): 4.00 credits
Restriction(s): DAGR*3900, DFN*3910, Registration in the Horticulture Diploma Program and written permission of the faculty supervisor.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4000 Ornamental Plant Protection W (3-2) [0.50]
This course is a study of the biology and control of insects and diseases of nursery, landscape, turfgrass and greenhouse crops. Approaches to integrated pest management are incorporated into control methods.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1200, DHRT*1050
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4010 Floral Design and Retailing W (0-4) [0.50]
The basic requirements of a floral designer will be studied, including the principles and elements of design, colour theory, design styles and techniques, in-shop procedures and sales skills. There will be opportunity to practise arranging both fresh and permanent flowers. Proper care, handling and display of fresh-cut flowers as well as foliage and flowering plants are also included in this course.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*2010
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4050 Certification and Safety F (3-2) [0.50]
Students will learn the necessary information required to write examinations which are a legal requirement for anyone wishing to apply or sell pesticide products in Ontario. For interested students, licensing exams can be arranged with licensing authorities upon payment of relevant fees. Students will be introduced to federal and provincial legislation governing worker health and safety in the workplace. In particular WHMIS, risk analysis, poisoning, First Aid, labeling and storage & disposal are covered.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1600
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4100 Computer Assisted Design F,W (2-4) [0.50]
Landscape designs and visualizations will be prepared with computer technology, using residential landscape projects. Drafting, design, visualization or modeling software will be taught and used to create plans, views, pictures and/or models.
Prerequisite(s): DAGR*1200, DAGR*1090, DHRT*1050, DHRT*2100
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4150 Landscape Construction Project W (2-3) [0.50]
Students will develop the capacity to develop a typical landscape construction structure and project installation through the preparation of working document and specification information. Codes, bylaws, and regulations governing the landscape construction segment of the horticulture industry will be discussed. Real-life scenarios - client wish lists, suitable sites, project requests - will be used to develop the skills and capabilities to outline typical landscape construction projects, including walls, decks, patios, fences and screens, water features, lighting, irrigation, and drainage.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2090, DHRT*3120
Restriction(s): Enrolment in the Horticulture Diploma program.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4170 Advanced CAD (Computer Assisted Design Graphics) W (1-4) [0.50]
Students will develop advanced skills in CAD operations and in combinations of computer and hand rendering techniques. Real-life projects will be incorporated into the course,with client requirements used as base criteria for design development. Styles, principles, and elements of design learned in previous courses will be applied through CAD to the efficient creation of accurate and complete landscape plans and drawings. The development of job-ready skills for use in the small design office will be augmented by design alternative and computerized cost estimation comparisons.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2100, DHRT*3100, DHRT*4100
Restriction(s): Enrolment in the Horticulture Diploma program.
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4190 Greenhouse Vegetable Production W (3-2) [0.50]
This course covers production practices for major and some minor greenhouse vegetable crops. Students will apply management techniques to greenhouse vegetable production including fertility, production systems unique to vegetable production, insect and disease control, advanced computer controls of the environment and irrigation techniques.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*2000
Location(s): Alfred (Offered in odd-numbered years), Ridgetown
DHRT*4300 Arboriculture W (2-3) [0.50]
This course will provide students with the opportunities to learn both the principles and the skills necessary to manage and care for trees in the landscape. Case studies will be used to help students develop the skills necessary to assess tree problems.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*3050
Location(s): Ridgetown
DHRT*4310 Tree Care Techniques W (1-4) [0.50]
This practical course is designed to lead students through the ISA Tree Climber's Guide, and to help develop knowledge, skills, and techniques in preparing for the ISA Certified Tree Worker/Climber Specialist exam. This course is designed for students who would like to gain more experience working in trees.
Prerequisite(s): DHRT*4300
Location(s): Ridgetown
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