University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Regulations: Graduate Diplomas

Graduate diplomas are awarded to those who successfully complete special postgraduate diploma programs offered by the Departments of Pathology and Clinical Studies in the Ontario Veterinary College.

   Admission to a postgraduate diploma program as a regular student may be granted on recommendation of the department to the holder of a recognized veterinary degree at the honours baccalaureate (or equivalent) level with at second-class honours ('B-') in the work of the final two years.

Minimum Duration
   At least three semesters of full-time study must be devoted to the diploma program. For a student registered part time, the minimum duration period is based on the equivalence of three part-time semesters to one full-time semester. A minimum program fee is applied when a part-time student applies to graduate.

   The student's program is planned and the student's progress is kept under review by the department.

   The postgraduate diploma program requires the completion of regular graduate courses together with special professional or applied courses. The curriculum for the graduate diploma is laid down by the department. In order to qualify for graduation, the student must obtain an overall weighted average grade of at least B-' in the required courses. Details may be obtained from the chair of the Department of Pathobiology or the Department of Clinical Studies. A thesis is not required.