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General Regulations


General information on admission requirements and the application and admission processes.
Description of Graduate Students
Graduate students are designated by category (i.e., regular, provisional and special) and by classification (i.e., full-time and part-time). This section explains how and why.
This section includes information on the registration procedure, issues related to the continuity of registration (including leaves of absence), and the cancellation of registration.
Student Programs
General information on the establishment of students' programs of study and some of the components of them.
Academic Standings
How courses and theses are assessed.
The procedure to follow as you approach the completion of your graduate program.
Transcripts of Record
How to order transcripts.
Regulations governing the thesis submission process.
Academic Misconduct
How the Faculty of Graduate Studies defines academic misconduct and descriptions of the penalties, the procedures used to assess academic misconduct and what happens to your academic record.
Grade Re-Assessment
The process by which grades may be reviewed at the request of the student.
Unsatisfactory Progress
The process that is invoked when a student fails to make unsatisfactory progress in his or her program of study.
Appeals of Decisions
Students may use this procedure to ask for reconsideration of their requests for changes to their programs.
Senior Undergraduates in Graduate Courses
In some cases, undergraduates may take graduate courses.
Inventions Policy
What students should do if they think they've made a commercially significant discovery.
The most recent information on what graduate students pay to attend the University of Guelph.

Important academic dates in the winter, summer and fall semesters.


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