2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs



AQUA*6000 Special Project in Aquaculture F,S,W [1.00]
An intensive learning opportunity focusing on an applied problem in the aquaculture industry. Completion of a literature review and project, in concert with hands-on experience with live animals, either in a research or commercial setting, form the basis of a final report and oral presentation to be made to a committee of core program faculty. Practical experience is also gained through on-site training at the Alma Aquaculture Research Station.
AQUA*6100 Science and Technology in Aquaculture F [0.50]
A formal lecture, student seminar and essay course designed to examine the role of science and technology in the aquaculture industry. Latest advances in the scientific community are explored, with special attention to those developments having promise for commercialization and technology transfer to the private sector. The course will explore the relationships between basic and applied science, and the development of new technology for the industry.
AQUA*6200 Practicum in Aquaculture: Culture of Salmonids S [0.50]
Using a problem-solving approach, students will complete a series of models at the Alma Aquaculture Research Station covering topics in water management, hatchery operations, propagation techniques, feeding and nutrition, health and disease, economics and regulatory issues. Students will solve practical problems from both a theoretical and applied perspective.

Graduate Courses Eligible for credit in the MSc (Aquaculture) program:

Agricultural Economics and Business
AGEC*6120 0.5 Marketing Management
AGEC*6130 0.5 Topics in Financial Management
AGEC*6430 0.5 Case Studies in Farm Management
Animal and Poultry Science
ANSC*2200 0.5 Principles of Aquaculture
ANSC*6450 0.5 Topics in Animal Biotechnology
ECON*6750 0.5 Managerial Economics
ECON*6770 0.5 Financial Management
Food Safety and Quality Assurance
FSQA*6600 0.5 Principles of Food Safety and Quality Assurance
GEOG*6281 0.5 Environmental Resource Evaluation
Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM*6110 0.5 Foundations of Management Leadership
Marketing and Consumer Studies
COST*6010 0.5 Product Development and Management Systems
COST*6150 0.5 Quality Assurance Management
Rural Extension Studies
REXT*6190 0.5 Fundamentals of Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
REXT*6311 0.5 Extension Theory and Methods
Rural Planning and Development
RPD*6310 0.5 Environmental Impact Assessment
Integrative Biology
ZOO*6550 0.5 Aquaculture

Undergraduate Courses Eligible for Graduate Credit

(Students must not have received credit for these courses as part of their undergraduate programs):

Agricultural Economics and Business
AGEC*4220 0.5 Advanced Farm Management
Animal and Poultry Science
ANSC*3120 0.5 Introduction to Animal Nutrition
ANSC*3150 0.5 Principles of Farm Animal Care and Welfare
ANSC*4050 0.5 Recombinant DNA in Animal Science
NUTR*3340 0.5 Nutrition of Fish and Crustacea
BIOL*3450 0.5 Introduction to Aquatic Environments
Environmental Sciences
ENVB*3360 0.5 Waste Management and Utilization
Food Science
FOOD*4700 0.5 Food Product Development
Marketing and Consumer Studies
COST*3010 0.5 Quality Management
PATH*3610 0.5 Principles of Disease
PATH*4100 0.5 Diseases of Aquatic Animals
Integrative Biology
ZOO*4110 0.5 Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management
ZOO*4020 0.5 Ichthyology
ZOO*4330 0.5 Environmental Biology of Fishes
ZOO*4350 0.5 Biology of Polluted Waters
ZOO*4390 0.5 Environmental Physiology

Other relevant graduate and undergraduate courses may be taken for credit subject to the approval of the student's advisory committee.