2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

International Development Studies


CIDS Core*


*This does not apply to students in Rural Planning and Development. Please see Rural Planning and Development section below for required courses (Both CIDS and departmental).

Optional Courses

Students in the collaborative program may undertake any course offered by a collaborating department with the permission of the instructor. There are also two optional interdiscplinary courses available listed below.

Departmental Requirements

Programs in departments not listed below are designed by special arrangements.

Agricultural Economics and Business (MSc)
  • Advanced Microeconomics ECON*3710 or Microeconomics Theory I ECON*6000

  • Advanced Macroeconomic Theory ECON*4810

  • One of the following:

    • Multivariate Research Methods COST*6060 or Mathematical Programming AGEC*6360 or Introduction to Econometric Methods ECON*6050

    • Agriculture in Economic Development AGEC*6600 (if not taken as part of CIDS core)

    • One additional Agricultural Economics course

    • A thesis


* NB: a departmental course from the policy area may substitute for the Politics course in the CIDS core.

Anthropology (MA)
  • Anthropological Theory ANTH*6080

  • Qualitative Research Methods ANTH*6140

  • Pro-Seminar ANTH*6700

  • Either a Thesis and one additional course or ANTH*6660 Major Paper and three additional courses

Economics (MA)
English (MA)
  • Approaches to Research and Theory ENGL*6010

  • One other English course and a thesis, or

  • two other English courses and the Research Project ENGL*6803

Geography (MA)
  • Research Methods GEOG*6090

  • One other Geography course

  • Either a thesis or GEOG*6180 Research Project plus one other Geography course

History (MA)
  • Historiography I HIST*6000

  • Historiography II HIST*6020

  • Two additional History courses (only one if the CIDS core includes Economic Development in Historical Perspective ECON*6370

  • Either a thesis or Major Paper HIST*6400


N.B. Historical Conceptions of the City HIST*6390 may substitute for the geography component of the CIDS core

Philosophy (MA)
  • MA Seminar PHIL*6950

  • An additional philosophy courses in consultation with the department

  • Either a thesis or research paper (in conjunction with Guided Research Project PHIL*6990)

Political Science (MA)
  • Proseminar POLS*6900

  • Political Research: Theories and Approaches POLS*6940

  • Either a thesis plus one additional course or POLS*6970 Major Paper plus two additional courses (normally from the Political Science Department)

Rural Extension Studies (MSc)
  • Foundations of Capacity Building and Extension REXT*6070

  • Research Methods REXT*6260

  • Application of QuantitativeTechniques in RPD RPD*6380 or Qualitative Analysis in Rural Development EDRD*6000

    Two additional courses from the following group

  • Adult Learning and Development REXT*6060

  • Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication REXT*6190

  • Special Topics in Capacity Building and Extension REXT*6290

  • Extension Theory and Methods REXT*6311

  • Capacity Building for Sustainable Development REXT*6320

  • Facilitation and Conflict Management REXT*6330

  • Readings in Capacity Building and Extension REXT*6410

  • Development Communication REXT*6420

  • Decision Making and Conflict REXT*6690

  • One additional course in other areas of research (open elective)

  • A thesis or

  • Major Paper REXT*6900 plus two more courses from the restricted electives group (see course list above)

Rural Planning and Development (MSc [Plan])

CIDS Core Courses Required:

  • One of Gender and Development SOC/ANTH*6460 or Development Communication REXT*6420 or Development, Community and Rurality SOC/ANTH*6420

  • One of Agriculture in Economic Development AGEC*6600 or Economic Development in Historical Perspective ECON*6370

  • International Development Studies Seminar IDEV*6100

Departmental Requirements
  • International Rural Development Planning RPD*6030

  • Philosophy and Methods in Rural Planning and Development RPD*6170

  • Rural Planning and Development Theory RPD*6240

  • Rural Development Planning Synthesis RPD*6300

  • Application of Quantitative Techniques in Rural Planning and Development RPD*6380

  • A thesis or Major Paper RPD*6360 plus two additional electives


N.B.: International Rural Development Planning RPD*6030 may substitute for the politics requirement in the core.

Sociology (MA)
  • Sociological Theory SOC*6070

  • One of the following: Quantitative Research SOC*6130 or Qualitative Methods ANTH*6140

  • Proseminar SOC*6700

  • Either a thesis plus one additional course or Major Paper SOC*6660 plus three additional courses

IDEV*6000 Regional Context U [0.50]
This reading course provides an opportunity for in-depth investigation about a particular region in preparation for a thesis, major paper or research project. The Course normally is directed by the student's advisor.
IDEV*6100 International Development Studies Seminar U [0.50]
A bi-weekly seminar discussion of issues which arise in the study of international development. Led by faculty and visitors from a variety of disciplines.
IDEV*6500 Fieldwork in International Development Studies U [0.50]
This course recognizes an intensive commitment to research in an archival repository, 'in the field' or at an appropriate development institution in Canada or abroad. The course normally is directed by the student's advisor in consultation with the advisory committee