2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

Literary Studies/Theatre Studies in English


LTS*7770 Language Requirement U [0.00]
A written demonstration of a student's reading knowledge of one language other than English, as approved by the Joint PhD Program Committee.
LTS*7800 General Area Seminar U [0.50]
A directed-reading course to provide concentrated training in an area of research other than the student's expected area of research concentration. This seminar emphasizes thorough general knowledge of a chosen area's scope, theoretical frameworks, and research methodologies. The course is normally taken during the first year of a student's program.
LTS*7820 Intensive Area Seminar U [1.00]
A reading course intended to provide concentrated training in the student's expected area of research concentration. This seminar involves individualized, directed study of the immediate literary, cultural, and theoretical contexts of the student's approved dissertation subject. The course is normally taken in the second year of a student's PhD program.
LTS*7900 Directed Studies U [0.50]
The study of a special topic under the guidance of a member of the graduate faculty.
LTS*7990 Doctoral Dissertation U [2.00]
Submission and defense of an acceptable thesis, written by the PhD candidate, on the research carried out by the candidate on an approved topic. The thesis is expected to be a significant contribution to knowledge in its field and the candidate must indicate in what ways it is a contribution.

Courses Offered at the University of Guelph*

DRMA*6020 Canadian Drama in English
DRMA*6040 Quebec and Franco-Canadian Drama
DRMA*6050 Special Studies in Canadian Drama
DRMA*6060 Aspects of Canadian Theatre History
DRMA*6080 Special Studies in Canadian Theatre
DRMA*6090 Aspects of Theatre in Early-Modern England
DRMA*6100 English Drama to 1642
DRMA*6120 Aspects of 20th-Century Theatre
DRMA*6130 Aspects of 19th-Century Drama
DRMA*6140 Aspects of 20th-Century Drama
DRMA*6150 Special Studies in Theatre History
DRMA*6180 Aspects of 19th Century Theatre
DRMA*6190 Special Studies in Drama
DRMA*6220 Aspects of the Theory of Drama, Theatre, and Performance
DRMA*6801 Reading Course I
DRMA*6802 Reading Course II
ENGL*6002 Topics in the History of Criticism
ENGL*6003 Problems of Literary Analysis
ENGL*6201 Topics in Canadian Literature
ENGL*6209 Topics in Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature
ENGL*6412 Topics in Medieval/Renaissance Literature
ENGL*6421 Topics in 18th-Century and Romantic Literature
ENGL*6431 Topics in 19th-Century Literature
ENGL*6441 Topics in Modern British Literature
ENGL*6451 Topics in American Literature
ENGL*6611 Topics in Women's Writing
ENGL*6621 Topics in Children's Literature
ENGL*6641 Topics in Scottish Literature
ENGL*6691 Interdisciplinary Studies
ENGL*6811 Special Topics in English
ENGL*6801 Reading Course I
ENGL*6802 Reading Course II

* N.B. all courses, except for the Intensive Area Seminar and the Dissertation, are weighted 0.5.

Courses Offered at Wilfrid Laurier University*

WLU*600E Research Methods, Theory, and Professional Issues
WLU*601E Fiction by Contemporary British Women
WLU*602E Gender and Genre in Renaissance Drama
WLU*603E American Women Writers
WLU*604E The Gender of Modernism
WLU*605E Representations of Gender in Victorian Literature
WLU*606E Theatrical Images of Gender
WLU*607E Ideologies of Genre in 19th-Century Literature
WLU*608E Women Writers of the 17th Century
WLU*610E Feminist Theory and Women's Writing
WLU*621E The Nature Lyric: Genre and Gender
WLU*622E British Feminist Drama in the 20th Century
WLU*623E Film Genre and Feminist Theory
WLU*624E Medieval Dream Vision Narrative
WLU*625E Medieval Romance
WLU*626E Postcoloniality: Theory and Practice
WLU*628E The Dramatic Experience
WLU*629E Canadian Documents and Canadian Poems
WLU*630E Modernism to Postmodernism
WLU*632E Renaissance Domestic Tragedy
WLU*634E Dramatic Comedy of the 17th Century
WLU*635E The Gothic
WLU*636E Canadian Literary Pluralities
WLU*640E Reading Theory
WLU*641E Voices of the Diaspora
WLU*642E Oral Performance and Oral Theory
WLU*690E Directed Studies
WLU*691E Special Topics in Gender
WLU*692E Special Topics in Genre

* N.B. All courses, except for the Intensive Area Seminar and the Dissertation, are weighted 0.5.