2006-2007 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

II. General Regulations


Registration Procedure

Students are reminded that registration material must be submitted by the indicated deadlines. Check the Academic Schedule at the front of this calendar for the registration (also known as course selection) deadlines.

Normally six to eight weeks prior to the beginning of each semester, the continuing student will file, in Graduate Program Services, a Graduate Student Add/Drop & Change form, in order to activate registration for the upcoming semester. The form must be approved in the academic unit concerned before it is submitted to Graduate Program Services. Alternatively, continuing students (with a few notable exceptions) may choose to use WebAdvisor to register. New students may register through WebAdvisor by mail or in person up until the last date for registration for new students as announced in the Academic Schedule.

University ID cards, which are used for identification and for library and bus pass purposes, are produced and validated at the ID Card Centre, University Centre level 3 upon initial registration. Validation stickers will be provided each semester to registered continuing students. Loss or theft of a university card should be reported at the ID Card Centre.

Normally, the registration procedure must be completed within the dates set in the Academic Schedule in this calendar. In special circumstances a student may be permitted to register up to 14 class days after the opening date with an appropriate late fee being assessed.

Financial statements are available on WebAdvisor following the course selection period for all preregistered students approximately four to six weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Payment of account by the published deadline will complete the registration process. Late payment will result in the assessment of late fees. Failure to make appropriate payment arrangements by the end of the add period for the semester will result in the cancellation of enrolment (de-registration) for that semester. Reactivation of the term may only be approved with full payment or upon approval of Student Financial Services.

Students wishing to register in any undergraduate course or course for audit must obtain the instructor's signature on the Graduate Student Add/Drop & Change form.

Students registered in multi-semester courses must register in each semester in which they are actively engaged in course requirements, unless otherwise stated in the course description.