2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses


FREN*6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies in French U [0.50]
This course will examine literary theory and criticism from the viewpoint of French cultural traditions, from the establishment of literary history at the Sorbonne to present-day questioning of the validity of literary theory.
FREN*6020 Topics in French Literature U [0.50]
Romanticism places great importance on the self, yet the self is always defined in relation to others. Alterity thus emerges as an important subject in nineteenth-century literature. This course will explore various manifestations of alterity and exoticism in romantic and realist fiction.
FREN*6021 Topics in Quebec and French-Canadian Literatures W [0.50]
This course will focus on how literature functions as a socio-political institution in Quebec and in French Canada. It will also deal with elements that relate more broadly to identity, reception theory and semiotics.
FREN*6022 Topics in Caribbean and African Literatures F [0.50]
This course focuses on the works of major Francophone African and Caribbean fictional and theoretical works with particular attention being given to links between notions of cultural hierarchies, identity, métissage and creolization.
FREN*6030 Topics in Translation U [0.50]
This course deals with various aspects of literary translation, including theories of translation, the role of reading in translation, the active translation of a text from English into French, and the reflection upon the influence of each of these categories on the others.
FREN*6031 Topics in Intermediality U [0.50]
An investigation of the intersection of artistic expression taking place in literature, theatre, film, television and new media and the various effects produced by the interaction of two or more media.
FREN*6041 Topics in French and French-Canadian Sociolinguistics W [0.50]
This course will allow students to explore, within the framework of sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, the relationship between language and society, with particular reference to French and the French-speaking world.
FREN*6042 Topics in FSL Pedagogy U [0.50]
This course covers methods, models and real-life applications of the teaching/learning of a second language, French. Included are: directed readings describing the history of the discipline and current models, in the classroom as well as on-line observation of media-rich web-based courses. Students will discuss their findings with the instructor during seminars/structured small discussion groups and write a collaborative paper resolving their various conclusions.
FREN*6050 Reading Course S [0.50]
An independent study course, the nature and content of which is agreed upon between the student and the professor offering the course. Subject to the approval of the graduate coordinator.
FREN*6051 Mémoire (Mini-thesis) S-F [0.50]
A compulsory major paper, 50 pages in length. An oral examination is required.
Prerequisite(s): FREN*6010
FREN*6053 Practicum in French Studies S [0.50]
This course will allow students to engage in volunteer service in a francophone community. Students will be asked to forge links between knowledge acquired in the academic setting and problem-based learning in a real-world context. A list of authorized community partners will be provided.
Prerequisite(s): FREN*6010 and FREN*6042