2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses

Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

HBNS*6010 Seminar in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences S [0.50]
Students will develop their scientific communication skills by translating a specific body of knowledge on a chosen topic into a seminar. The class will also explore scientific process-oriented concepts and issues such as effective scientific communication and dissemination of results.
Restriction(s): Limited to HBNS MSc course work and project students only
HBNS*6040 Research Fronts in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences F [0.50]
Building on an information base in nutrition, biochemistry and physiology, the course comprises selected research topics pertaining to the importance of nutrition as a determinant of health throughout the life span. Distinction will be drawn between the metabolic basis of nutrient essentiality and the health protectant effects of nutraceuticals.
HBNS*6130 Advanced Skeletal Muscle Metabolism in Humans W [0.50]
This course examines how the energy provision pathways in human skeletal muscle and associated organs meet the energy demands of the muscle cell during a variety of metabolically demanding situations.
HBNS*6200 Research Methods in Biomechanics F [1.00]
This course covers the basic elements of biomechanics experimental data collection including instrumentation, analog-to-digital conversion, signal processing and analysis. Particular emphasis is placed on the areas of kinematics, electromyography and tissue mechanics.
HBNS*6320 Advances in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences Research S,F,W [0.50]
This course provides the student with an opportunity to study a topic of choice and involves literature research on a chosen topic. The course may stand alone (MSc thesis and PhD students) or provide the background information for an experimental approach to the topic (MSc course work and project students).
HBNS*6400 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals F [0.50]
This course considers the relation of nutraceuticals, functional foods, designer foods, medical foods and food additives to foods and drugs. The course emphasizes the development and commercialization of nutraceuticals.
HBNS*6410 Applied Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals W [1.00]
This course prepares students to develop an innovative product or service from conceptualization to market entry considering regulatory, product development, safety/efficacy and market readiness issues. The course applies and integrates the concepts defined in HBNS*6400
HBNS*6440 Nutrition, Gene Expression and Cell Signalling (offered odd-numbered years) W [0.50]
This course emphasizes the role nutrients play as modulators of gene expression at the molecular level. The mechanisms by which nutrients modulate gene expression through specific cell signalling cascades are examined.
HBNS*6700 Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism F [0.50]
A discussion of recent concepts in the relationships among nutrition, exercise and metabolism. Information from the molecular to the whole-animal level will be presented with a focus on understanding nutrition and exercise in the human. Emphasis is placed on the development and testing of experimental hypotheses in these areas of research.
HBNS*6710 Advanced Topics in Nutrition and Exercise W [0.50]
Advanced topics will be presented to establish an in-depth understanding of current investigations in nutrition and exercise. Based on the integrated understanding of nutrition and exercise developed in HBNS*6700, the focus of this course will be to develop the student's ability to independently analyze original research investigations.
HBNS*6910 Basic Research Techniques and Processes S,F,W [0.50]
Working with a faculty advisor, students will gain experience in basic aspects of scientific research. This will be accomplished through experience of one or more components of the scientific method in a laboratory setting. Objective outcomes will be evaluated and will include documentation of the experience in a written report. (Instructor's signature required.)
HBNS*6920 Applied Research Techniques and Processes S,F,W [0.50]
Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students will gain practical experience in discipline-specific aspects of research. This will be accomplished through experience in a pre-arranged practicum in an applied setting. Objective outcomes will be evaluated and will include documentation of the experience in a written report. (Instructor's signature required.)
HBNS*6930 Research Project S,F,W [0.50]
Under the supervision of a faculty advisor and building on knowledge gained from Basic or Applied Research Techniques and Processes, students will carry out a specific research project to its completion. Results will be documented in a written report and communicated through a scientific poster.
Prerequisite(s): HBNS*6910 or HBNS*6920
Restriction(s): Instructor's signature required