2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses


TOX*6000 Toxicology S [0.50]
An intensive course in the principles of modern aspects of toxicology, taught in a lecture/case study format.
TOX*6200 Advanced Topics in Toxicology W [0.50]
Advanced topics in toxicology will include oral presentations by students, faculty members, and guest lecturers. The emphasis will be on advanced concepts and techniques in toxicology research with particular relevance to mechanistic, molecular and interpretive toxicology.
TOX*6530 Ecotoxicological Risk Characterization W [0.50]
A biologically based advanced course that will give students working knowledge of current procedures and techniques for ecotoxicological risk characterization. The course material will cover the topics: problem definition, dose response characterization, exposure characterization, and risk assessment and risk-management decision making. (Credit may be obtained for only one of TOX*6530, ENVB*6530 and TOX*4550.) Department of Environmental Biology
TOX*6590 Biochemical Toxicology F [0.50]
The molecular mechanisms of action of carcinogens and other toxic compounds. Enzymes of biotransformation, including a detailed study of cytochrome P-450. Interactions of reactive species with DNA and other macromolecules. (Credit may be obtained for only one of TOX*4590 and 9406590.) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry