2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

History - Tri-University Program

MA Program

The MA (by thesis) program provides for emphasis on medieval and modern British history; Scottish studies; Canadian history; the United States from the colonial period to the 20th century; medieval and early modern European history; selected aspects of late 19th- and 20th-century European history; gender, family, and women's history in Europe, Britain, and North America; the social and military impact of war, race and slavery; global history; rural history; and the history of science, technology and medicine.

Admission Requirements

An applicant must have a recognized honours degree in history, or its equivalent, with at least a high second class or upper 'B' average. Applicants are required to include with their application a separate statement describing their proposed area of study and, where possible, the suggested thesis topic.

Degree Requirements

Students normally obtain the MA degree by satisfactorily completing six courses (at least 3.0 credits) and submitting a major paper on an approved topic (10,000 to 12,000 words). Alternatively, the student may qualify for the MA degree by completing four courses (at least 2.0 credits) and submitting a satisfactory thesis on an approved topic (25,000 words). They may also qualify for an MA by completing 8 courses (at least 4 credits) three of which must require a research paper. It is recommended but not required that students take HIST*6000 and HIST*6020. The remaining courses are subject to the approval of the Department of History. A reading knowledge of French is highly recommended and a student's advisory committee may require a second language for research purposes. MA students generally register for up to three courses per semester, or two if they hold a graduate teaching assistantship.

Graduate students are encouraged to consider including, as part of their program, appropriate graduate course offerings from other departments.

Interdepartmental Programs

Scottish Studies Interdepartmental Group

The Department of History participates in the activities of the Scottish Studies Interdepartmental Group. Those faculty members whose research and teaching expertise includes aspects of Scottish studies may serve as advisors and examiners of MA students specializing in Scottish studies areas and who are registered in the Department of History.