Appendix A - Courses

International Development Studies

IDEV*6000 Regional Context U [0.50]
This reading course provides an opportunity for in-depth investigation about a particular region in preparation for a thesis, major paper or research project. The Course normally is directed by the student's advisor.
IDEV*6100 International Development Studies Seminar U [0.50]
A bi-weekly seminar discussion of issues which arise in the study of international development. Led by faculty and visitors from a variety of disciplines.
IDEV*6500 Fieldwork in International Development Studies U [0.50]
This course recognizes an intensive commitment to research in an archival repository, 'in the field' or at an appropriate development institution in Canada or abroad. The course normally is directed by the student's advisor in consultation with the advisory committee
IDEV*6800 Theories and Debates in Development F [0.50]
This course examines recent approaches in development theory explaining international inequality, poverty and long-term change. It also investigates selected current debates in international development – such as food security, trade, good governance, sustainability or gender – from various discipline-based and interdisciplinary perspectives, and analyzes selected regional experiences of development.
Restriction(s): Restricted to students in doctoral IDEV programs or instructor's consent.
IDEV*6850 Development Research and Practice W [0.50]
In this course students establish the linkages between their doctoral research topic and the wider field of development studies and practice. The course will examine development policies and projects, ethical issues related to (cross-cultural) development research, and relationships between research and development practice.
Restriction(s): Restricted to students in doctoral IDEV programs or instructor's consent.
University of Guelph
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