December 16, 2008

  • DRMA*6010 Approaches to Research and Theory - deletion

    DRMA*6020 Canadian Drama in English - deletion

    DRMA*6040 Quebec and Franco-Canadian Drama - deletion

    DRMA*6050 Special Studies in Canadian Drama - deletion

    DRMA*6060 Aspects of Canadian Theatre History - deletion

    DRMA*6080 Special Studies in Canadian Theatre - deletion

    DRMA*6090 Aspects of Theatre in Early-Modern England - deletion

    DRMA*6100 English Drama to 1642 - deletion

    DRMA*6120 Aspects of 20th-Century Theatre - deletion

    DRMA*6130 Aspects of 19th-Century Theatre - deletion

    DRMA*6140 Aspects of 20th-Century Drama - deletion

    DRMA*6180 Aspects of 19th-Century Theatre - deletion

    DRMA*6190 Special Studies in Drama - deletion

    DRMA*6210 Devising - addition

    DRMA*6150 Theatre Historiography - title and description change

    DRMA*6220 Theatre Theory - title and description change

    DRMA*6230 Performance and Difference - addition

    DRMA*6250 Bodies and Space in Performance - addition

    EDRD*6150 Economic Development Policy and Practice for Rural and Smaller Communities - addition

    ENGG*6450 Queueing Theory and Traffic Modeling in Data Networks - addition

  • ENGG*6660 Renewable Energy - addition

    FRAN*6740 Foodservice Management in Healthcare - addition

    IDEV*6800 Theories and Debates in Development - addition

    IDEV*6850 Development Research and Practice - addition

    Latin American and Caribbean Studies (MA) - new program

    Management (PhD) - new program

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