Appendix A - Courses

Art and Visual Culture

AVC*6100 Proseminar: Critical Methods I F [0.50]
This proseminar explores the histories, theories, and methodologies of the fields of art history, visual culture, and material culture.
AVC*6200 Proseminar: Critical Methods II W [0.50]
This seminar is a multi-disciplinary survey of critical theory. The aim is to consider which bodies of theory have been—and continue to be—lively options for the practice of critical thought in relation to visual culture, especially post-1968. The course explores issues which also possess cultural, social and political relevance, theories which affected all the humanities and social sciences, and themes that are also deeply relevant outside the academy. These include: the institutions and networks of knowledge, identity politics, race, sexuality, gender and class, amongst others.
Prerequisite(s): AVC*6100
AVC*6300 Special Topics in Art and Visual Culture F [0.50]
This seminar explores issues of historical and crtical method by focusing them through the lens of a particular area of concern within the fields of art history, visual culture, and/or material culture.
AVC*6400 Practicum: Art Institutions W [0.50]
The practicum provides students with an opportunity to gain practical experience through work with an artist, curator, or other museum or arts professional.
AVC*6500 Directed Reading U [0.50]
Each student establishes, in consultation with the faculty member chosen, the content of this special study within the instructor's area of expertise. Faculty varies.
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