Appendix A - Courses


BINF*6110 Lab Methods for Bioinformatics F [0.50]
This course provides a hands-on introduction to the lab methods used to generate the kinds of data commonly analyzed in bioinformatics. This may include DNA extraction, PCR, DNA sequencing, plasmid cloning, gene expression, microarrays, and protein identification. The objective of the course is to develop an appreciation for the challenges and pitfalls in producing data. A general overview of genetic and genomic concepts and theory will be provided.
Restriction(s): Instructor's Consent
BINF*6210 Software Tools for Biological Data Analysis and Organization F [0.50]
The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the tools for the computational acquisition and analysis of molecular biological data. Lectures will focus on key software for gene expression analyses, biological sequence analysis, and data acquisition and management. Laboratory exercises will guide students through application of tools relevant to topics discussed in lecture.
Prerequisite(s): Introductory molecular biology or genetics course, undergraduate statistics course
Restriction(s): Instuctor's Consent
BINF*6410 Algorithms and Programming in Bioinformatics F [0.50]
This course will teach students to develop and use programming tools for bioinformatics. The topics covered present a recourse for bioinformaticians who find that existing software does not satisfy their needs.
Prerequisite(s): BINF*6210
BINF*6420 Biosequence Pattern Analysis W [0.50]
This course is an overview course on different approaches to analyze biological sequences. Basic concepts are introduced, as well as related algorithms.
Prerequisite(s): BINF*6210
BINF*6970 Statistical Bioinformatics W [0.50]
This course presents a selection of advanced approaches for the statistical analysis of data that arise in bioinformatics, especially genomic data. A central theme to this course is the modelling of complex, often high-dimensional, data structures.
Prerequisite(s): STAT*3240 or STAT*6950 or a similar statistics course
Restriction(s): Instructor's Consent
BINF*6998 Bioinformatics Diploma Project F,W,S [0.50]
A research paper is completed by students taking the Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics program.
Prerequisite(s): BINF*6110, BINF*6210
Restriction(s): Instructor's Consent
BINF*6999 Bioinformatics Master's Project F,W,S [1.00]
A major research paper is completed by students in the MBINF program.
Prerequisite(s): BINF*6110, BINF*6210
Restriction(s): Instructor's Consent
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