II. General Regulations


Maximum Registration

Continuation of Maximum Registration Limit/ Program of Study Submission

Graduate students who do not complete their program within the prescribed maximum registration completion period will be notified at the end of that semester that no further registration will be permitted pending approval of the plan of study. The student, in consultation with the advisory committee, will be asked to submit a single plan of study for the completion period. The plan must be submitted to the Admissions & Progress Committee (A&P) via the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) by no later than the 20th class day of the semester following notification. On approval of the plan of study by A&P, master's students may continue up to the maximum program duration. With approval of the plan of study by A&P, doctoral students may continue for up to three semesters, after which second application for an extension must be submitted to A&P.

If the student and the advisory committee do not submit the plan of study as required, the student will be withdrawn from the subsequent semester, and must apply for readmission to A&P. A plan of study will be required as part of the application for readmission.

Appeal for Extension of Maximum Program Duration

Following approval to continue beyond the Maximum Registration Limit, the student will be withdrawn from the program for failure to complete, should he/she not complete the program by the approved continuation deadline. Students who are withdrawn must apply for readmission.

Students who wish to appeal the requirement to withdraw and request an extension of the maximum program duration for their program must submit an “Appeal for Extension of Maximum Program Duration” to A&P. The appeal form must be submitted prior to the deadline to register for the semester, and must include the following documentation:

  • An approved plan of study for timely degree completion, signed by the student, the faculty advisor, the Graduate Program Coordinator, and the other members of the student's advisory committee

  • An indication of the progress made since submission of the previous plan of study

  • A recommendation from the Graduate Program Committee or Department Chair/ School Director

  • A recommendation from the Associate Dean Research/Graduate Studies of the college

Note: In the event that the student, faculty advisor, and members of the student's advisory committee are unable to agree on a plan of study for degree completion, the Graduate Program Coordinator shall provide a letter commenting on the feasibility of the plan of study provided by the student.

In considering a request for an extension, A&P shall review all departmental Student Progress Reports submitted to date. (As per existing policy, such reports shall have been provided to the student each semester via his/her advisor.) For students in course-based programs that do not provide Progress Reports, a supporting letter from the Graduate Program Coordinator will be required and provided to the student with an opportunity for comment.

A&P will grant or deny the request for the extension based on all the documentation provided. Where A&P supports the request, it may also provide advice and recommendations on the proposed plan of study.

Should the student fail to complete the degree program within the prescribed time frame following approval of his/her appeal for extension of maximum program duration, the student shall be withdrawn for failure to complete.

Decisions of A&P may be appealed to the Senate Committee on Student Petitions. Such appeals will include an examination of all relevant documents and evidence used by A&P in making its decision. Information on the procedures for submitting appeals to the Senate Committee on Student Petitions are set out in the regulations included in the bylaws for the Senate Committee on Student Petitions, available on-line at http://www.uoguelph.ca/secretariat/senate/ or through Student Judicial Services at http://www.uoguelph.ca/judicial/ (See “Appeals of Decisions” for more information.)

Maximum Registration Schedule

Program durations for graduate students at the University of Guelph as defined by Class Level1

Maximum registration schedule for Master's, DVSc and PhD students with FT (Full-time), PT (Part-time), DE & T (Direct entry and transfer from a master's program) status.
Program Completion Period 2 Plan of Study & Progress Report to A&P by 20th class day Continue with approved plan of study Second Plan of Study & Progress Report to A&P by 20th class day Continue with second approved plan of study to Maximum Program Duration Maximum Program Duration. To apply for an extension submit: Appeal for Extension of MPD to A&P by 20th class day


6 (6 FT semesters)


8, 9





3.6 (11 PT semesters

4 (12 PT semesters

4.3, 4.6 (13, 14 PT semesters)



4.6 (14 PT semesters)


9 (9 FT semesters)

10 11, 12





5 (15 PT semesters)

5.3 (16 PT semesters)

5.6, 6 (17,18 PT semesters)



6.0 (18 PT semesters)


12 (12 FT semesters)


14, 15, 16


17, 18



6.6 (20 PT semesters)

7 (21 PT semesters)

7.3, 7.6, 8 (22, 23, 24 PT semesters)

8 (24 PT semesters)

8.3, 8.6 (25, 26 PT semesters)

8.6 (26 PT semesters)


16 (16 FT semesters)


18, 19, 20


21, 22



7.6 (23 PT semesters)

8 (24 PT semesters)

8.3, 8.6, 9 (25, 26, 27 PT semesters)

9 (27 PT semesters

9.3, 9.6 (28, 29 PT semesters)

9.6 (29 PT semesters)

  1. Class Level is the cumulative total of full-time and part-time (if any) semesters valued at 1 and 0.3 for each, respectively.

  2. These Completion Periods apply to all programs, unless a specific program has received approval from the Board of Graduate Studies for a different period. Students will be advised about their program Completion Period in their offer of admission letter.


If a student transfers from full-time to part-time within the completion period, the number of part-time semesters remaining in the completion period will be weighted by the ratio of total semesters allocated for a program that is fully part-time and fully full-time (e.g 11:6 for Masters, 20:12 for Doctoral). The same principle will apply to students who transfer from part-time to full-time during their completion period. The length of extensions beyond the revised completion period to maximum program duration remains unchanged.

Doctoral Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis completion will be granted an exception recognizing the additional year of internship. Expected completion period will be 15 semesters and a maximum completion period of 21 semesters.

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