Appendix A - Courses


BIOT*6500 Molecular Biotechnology F [0.50]
This course will provide an overview of molecular approaches relevant to a broad range of biotechnology industries including those found in medical, microbial, protein, pharmaceutical, environmental and agricultural fields.
Department(s): Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIOT*6550 Biodiversity and Biotechnology W [0.50]
Biological diversity includes the variability among living organisms spanning genetic, species, habitat and geographic scales, thereby encompassing all living things and associated systems. This course will provide an overview of DNA-based approaches used to analyze and characterize the main principles of biodiversity followed by discussions of the impact of biologically diverse communities within the biotechnology sector.
Department(s): Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIOT*6600 Innovation Management F [0.50]
This course will focus on the integration of science and business from initial discovery through to commercialization. This integration involves resolving issues related to technical, market and financial feasibility. Topics will include the innovation process, assessment of markets, development of business models and managing projects under high uncertainty.
Department(s): Department of Management
BIOT*6610 Cases in Biotechnology Management W [0.50]
This course will examine contemporary issues in biotechnology / science-based business through a case-based approach. Topics from across the spectrum of business disciplines (marketing, management, strategy, intellectual property, etc.) will be examined. Time permitting, a live case with an industry partner will be used.
Prerequisite(s): BIOT*6600
Department(s): Department of Management
BIOT*6700 Communication in Science and Business W [0.50]
The goal of this course is to develop written, and oral presentation skills to effectively communicate ideas and experiments in both scientific and business contexts. Students will be asked to write and orally communicate a research proposal.
Department(s): Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIOT*6800 Research Project S [1.00]
The students will be matched with a research advisor in their first semester and write a research proposal on their project in the second semester communication course. During the time they do their research project, they will be expected to do the research work that they propose and then to prepare a written report of their results and conclusions as well as to give a poster presentation on this. The research project can be undertaken with any appropriate faculty member, or with an approved off-campus institution.
Restriction(s): Students registered in Master of Biotechnology program
Department(s): Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
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