IX. Graduate Programs

Latin American and Caribbean Studies


LACS*6000 Research Methods Seminar U [0.50]
This course will introduce students to the field and research methods of various disciplines and of interdisciplinary studies, and it will familiarize them with field-relevant research skills and methodologies.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6010 Latin American Identity & Culture F [0.50]
This is the first of the two required LACS culture core courses. They will address theoretical issues relevant to Latin American identities and cultures, and will use these as heuristic devices in the study of major and marginalized cultural events, narratives, and visual and musical expressions. In LACS*6010 students will analyze the concept of "hybridity" and study how hybrid culture has been incorporating past with the present, and how it is and has been incorporating local and African forms and themes with European and US derived high culture.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6020 Re-Imagining Community in Latin America W [0.50]
This graduate seminar examines recent developments in community theory, studying representative works of literature, film, and music that re-imagine the ideas and formations of Latino, Latin American and Caribbean communities. Students going an exchange may replace this course with a similar course taken at the exchange university.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6030 Globalization & Insecurity in the Americas F [0.50]
An analytical,critical and interdisciplinary introductory overview of Latin America and the Caribbean in the larger context of the Americas, from the point of view of the security and insecurity of its people. It will concentrate on the interplay of environmental, economic, social, political, and cultural factors upon such security in an era of globalization.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6040 Novel & Nation in Spanish America W [0.50]
This course will study the constitution of Spanish American nation in the novel since 1900 from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Particular attention will be paid to the novel's appropriation of foreign artistic and cultural influences to articulate Spanish American history. Offered in conjunction with SPAN*4100 or SPAN*4410. Extra work is required of graduate students.
Restriction(s): Credit may be obtained for only one of LACS*6040 or SPAN*4100/SPAN*4410.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6070 Civil Society and Activism in Latin America U [0.50]
This graduate seminar will provide an analytical, critical and interdisciplinary overview of relevant sociopolitical topics in contemporary Latin America, with a focus on the role of civil society and collective action in reshaping the social and political landscape of the region.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6100 Research Project U [1.00]
This research project will result in a major paper of about 15,000 words. The student chooses a topic and writes a paper on the topic with the guidance of a faculty member. The topic must be approved by the Graduate Program Committee.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
LACS*6200 Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies U [0.50]
An independent study course, the nature and content of which is agreed upon between the individual student and the person offering the course.
Restriction(s): Instructor and Graduate Program Coordinator signatures required.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures

ECON*6350 [0.50] Economic Development
ECON*6370 [0.50] Economic Development in Historical Perspective
ENGL*6811 [0.50] Special Topics in English
FREN*6022 [0.50] Topics in Caribbean and African Literatures
HIST*6500 [0.50] Topics in Global History
HIST*6520 [0.50] Topics in Latin American History
HIST*6521 [0.50] Latin American History Research
POLS*6050 [0.50] The Politics of Identity
SOC*6270 [0.50] Diversity and Social Equality
SOC*6420 [0.50] Global Agro-Food Systems, Communities and Rural Change
SOC*6460 [0.50] Gender and Development
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