IV. Degree Regulations

Master's Degree by Coursework


A master’s degree by coursework at the University of Guelph requires that students demonstrate a reasonable mastery of a concentrated area/field of study. This is shown by the achievement of satisfactory standings in courses, as determined by the program.

Prescribed Studies

The number of course credits will not be fewer than 3.5. The prescribed studies will include coursework that has research components, such as research papers, to develop the student's analytic, interpretive and communication skills. In some programs, a major essay, practicum or research paper accounts for 0.5 or 1.0 of the total credits required. A maximum of 1/3 of the credits may be taken from senior undergraduate courses. The student must obtain an overall weighted average grade of at least ‘B-' in the prescribed courses (see Establishment of Program and Prescribed Studies).

Individual programs may require more than 3.5 graduate course credits and/or may allow fewer than 1/3 senior undergraduate courses. Students are responsible for consulting the specific program in this calendar regarding any such requirements.

Additional Courses

In addition to the prescribed studies students may take ancillary courses that support the specific discipline. These courses may be at either the undergraduate or the graduate level.

Major Research Project or Paper

A Major Research Project or Paper (MRP) normally demonstrates a synthesis, application, and effective communication of knowledge acquired across graduate level courses through the discussion of a meaningful question or application within the area/field of study. MRPs might include a critical review of the literature, analysis of a theoretical or substantive problem, and/or production of a tool or set of resources for community/industry use.

A course outline provided to the student at the outset of MRP work should clearly define expectations of achievement and the methods and criteria used in establishing final grades for the MRP course. MRPs may involve mentorship by/partnership with external (community, industry) experts. All evaluations will be completed by a member of the graduate faculty, and at least two graduate faculty members will contribute to the assessment of at least 50% of the final grade.

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