IX. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies (BAMS) - Diploma in Media Communications

Media Studies Program – Schedule of Studies

DC = Digital Communication only

IA = Image Arts only

J = Journalism only

MB = Media Business only

PR = Public Relations only

Note: All courses are weighted 0.50 credits unless noted otherwise.

Semester 1

AHSS*1210 [0.50] English I: Reading and Writing Effectively
MDST*1010 [0.50] Internet Survey & Research
MDST*1020 [0.50] Communications Perspectives
MDST*1070 [0.50] Photography and Digital Imaging
0.50 electives

Semester 2

AHSS*1070 [0.50] Film Study
AHSS*1080 [0.50] Ethical Issues
AHSS*1090 [0.50] Communication, Technology and Culture
MDST*1030 [0.50] Visual Communication and Design
MDST*1080 [0.50] Introduction to Journalism & Public Relations

Semester 3

AHSS*2010 [0.50] Documentary Film and Television
AHSS*2030 [0.50] Contemporary Narrative
MDST*2020 [0.50] Media Structure and Policy
MDST*2080 [0.50] Media Writing
0.50 electives

Semester 4

AHSS*2020 [0.50] Presentations and Persuasion
AHSS*2130 [0.50] Subcultures and the Media
AHSS*3080 [0.50] Web Design
MDST*2070 [0.50] Digital Design I
0.50 electives

Semester 5

AHSS*3220 [0.50] Law and the Media
MDST*3040 [0.50] Perception, Power, and the Media
One of:
MDST*2000 [0.50] News Gathering J
MDST*2040 [0.50] Media Relations PR
MDST*2210 [0.50] Image Processing: Capture and Manipulation VC
MDST*3230 [0.50] Fundamentals of Media Management MB
MDST*3250 [0.50] Web Design for Digital Communication I DC
One of:
MDST*2030 [0.50] News Editing and Writing J
MDST*2210 [0.50] Image Processing: Capture and Manipulation DC
MDST*2510 [0.50] Studio Lighting Fundamentals VC
MDST*3080 [0.50] Writing for Public Relations I PR
MDST*3280 [0.50] Media Advertising I MB
One of:
MDST*2060 [0.50] Marketing Communications PR
MDST*3180 [0.50] Radio Broadcasting J
MDST*3210 [0.50] Videography I DC, VC
MDST*3270 [0.50] Fundamentals of Media Marketing MB

Semester 6

SCMA*2040 [0.50] Research Methods for Social Science
One of:
MDST*3120 [0.50] Digital Design II
MDST*3220 [0.50] Client Relations & Project Management
One of:
MDST*2060 [0.50] Marketing Communications DC
MDST*3000 [0.50] Magazine Writing, Editing, and Research J
MDST*3170 [0.50] Writing for Public Relations II PR
MDST*3260 [0.50] Production Design I DC
MDST*3370 [0.50] Media Professional Selling I MB
One of:
MDST*2050 [0.50] Specialized Reporting J
MDST*3030 [0.50] Event Management PR
MDST*3110 [0.50] Intermediate Theory and Location Photography VC
MDST*3290 [0.50] Media Advertising II MB
MDST*3350 [0.50] Web Design for Digital Communication II DC
One of:
MDST*3020 [0.50] Television Broadcasting J
MDST*3100 [0.50] Corporations and Agencies PR
MDST*3310 [0.50] Media Organizational Leadership MB
MDST*4170 [0.50] Videography II DC, VC

Semester 7

AHSS*4080 [0.50] Transition to Work
MDST*4080 [0.50] Globalization and the Global Media
One of:
MDST*4500 [1.00] Applied Research Project
MDST*4510 [1.00] Media Studies Thesis I
One of:
MDST*3060 [0.50] Public Affairs PR
MDST*4040 [0.50] Multimedia Journalism J
MDST*4240 [0.50] Videography III DC
MDST*4250 [0.50] Web Design for Digital Communication III DC
MDST*4260 [0.50] Production Design II PR
MDST*4370 [0.50] Media Professional Selling II MB

Semester 8

One of:
MDST*4210 [1.00] Media Practices
MDST*4520 [1.00] Media Studies Thesis II
One of:
MDST*4060 [1.50] Journalism Internship J
MDST*4070 [1.50] Public Relations Internship PR
MDST*4180 [1.50] Visual Communication Internship VC
MDST*4200 [1.50] Digital Communication Internship DC
MDST*4190 [1.50] Media Business Internship MB
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