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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


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John Vanderkamp Memorial Scholarships

These memorial scholarships were established for academically outstanding students in the Akademia program by family, friends and colleagues of John Vanderkamp, former Chair of the Department of Economics, respected Dean of the College of Social Science (1981-1991), and an enthusiastic promoter of liberal education as encompassed in the Akademia program. Apply to the Assistant Registrar, Student Finance and Awards by June 30.

Qualifications: Academically outstanding students in the Akademia program. Recipients will be chosen on the basis of academic standing, significant involvement in extracurricular activities and two reference letters from counsellors, teachers or mentors.
Amount: Two memorial scholarships of $500. The awards are made in two instalments of $250 payable after registration in the 1st and 2nd semesters.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
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