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46-311 Paleontology W(3-3)

Basic principles of analysis of fossil communities (mostly marine). Students should already know the basic biology of common marine invertebrates. Sediment analysis and process interpretation to determine paleoenvironments. Analysis of fossil preservation, autecology and population structures of species; community paleoecology of selected fossil assemblages. Simple paleobiogeography and basics of community evolution through time. Stages in the evolution of marine and continental ecosystems possible causes including physical (sea-levels, meteorite impacts) and biological (predation, evolution) components. The last 5 labs are a field-based study of Lower Palaeozoic marine communities, involving COMPULSORY attendance of field trips. This is NOT a 'history of life' course.(Offered in even-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: 92-207,
Exclusions: 46-312.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
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