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XII--Course Descriptions


Department of Biomedical Sciences

Additional course listings may be found in the course descriptions for Veterinary Medicine, Zoology and Human Kinetics.

07-306 Mammalian Neuro Anatomy W(3-2)

The basic organization of the mammalian nervous system. Includes 3 dimensional examination and dissection of the spinal cord, brain stem, cerebellum and cerebral hemispheres and study of serial sections. Emphasis is on the morphological basis of function. (Offered in even-numbered years).

Prerequisites: 2 course credits in biology or zoology.

07-307 Laboratory Animal Anatomy F(2-3)

The anatomy of common laboratory animals including primates. Emphasis is placed on similarities of the basic mannalian plan. Functional differences are considered. An introduction to avian anatomy is included.

Prerequisites: 92-102

07-313 Pre-Veterinary Histology W(3-3)

Pre-Veterinary students will study the structure and function of mammalian cells and tissues at the light and electron microscope levels. Students are also introduced to exfoliatory cells and blood smears as a basis for diagnostic procedures. The course also introduces medical terminology and the basic instrumentation of histology in preparation for organology (Veterinary Histology).

Prerequisites: acceptance into the Pre-veterinary year.
Corequisites: 1 course in biochemistry.

07-321 Medical Embryology W(2-3)

The patterns and principles of fertilization and normal embryonic and fetal development of mammalian organ systems. The teratology of structural and functional prenatal anomalies in development is mentioned. Designed for Pre-Veterinary, Honours Toxicology and Biomedical Sciences students.

Prerequisites: 2 course credits in biology.

07-323 Biomedical Histology W(2-4)

This histology course is designed for students with interests in Bio-Medical Sciences and Toxicology. Basic tissue types and major organ systems, will be examined focusing on structural/functional relationships. Human and common experimental mammals will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: (15-220 or 15-221), 19-258

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
XII--Course Descriptions

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