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XII--Course Descriptions

Fine Art

Department of Fine Art

Studio supplies: The majority of the cost of supplies must be borne by the student. In order to permit the University to subsidize this cost and to allow for savings through discount buying, some materials are obtained through the department by payment of a lab fee. The amount of the fee is established for each semester prior to registration.

Note: Because of limited faculty resources and facilities, enrolment in these courses may be restricted to Fine Art majors or minors, under the Limited Enrolment provisions of the Calendar.

13-105 Visual Studies I S,F,W(0-6)

An introduction to basic aspects of 2 and 3 dimensional visual structure. Colour, drawing, spatial concepts, various materials and diverse approaches to visual order will be investigated through assigned problems, lectures and critiques.

13-204 Visual Studies II F,W(0-6)

A continuation of the study of 2 and 3-dimensional structure begun in Visual Studies I.

Prerequisites: 13-105.

13-209 Drawing I S,F,W(0-6)

An introduction to the basic concepts, techniques and media of drawing, through disciplined observational and imaginative study.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-220 Painting I F,W(0-6)

Introduces various technical and aesthetic issues of representational, abstract, and non-objective painting. Diverse approaches will be investigated through specific studio assignments in oil and water-based media on various painting supports.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-230 Sculpture I S,F,W(0-6)

Organized studio projects exploring the aesthetics and the dynamic potential of form. Projects will involve the study of representational, abstract, and non-objective form through basic additive and reductive methods. Assignments will include work in clay, plaster, and basic casting materials and methods.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-246 Introductory Printmaking S,W(0-6)

An introduction to the traditional printmaking media: intaglio, lithography and woodcut.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-249 Media of Art History F,W(0-6)

A lecture and demonstration workshop course covering an analysis of major historical painting media of fresco, tempera, oil glaze, and encaustic.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-261 Photography I F,W(0-6)

An introduction to the creative application of photography in art; and, the basic principles of dark-room and camera skills.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-280 Extended Media I W(0-6)

An introduction to interdisciplinary or alternative art practices such as bookworks, performance art, installation and video.

Prerequisites: 13-105, 13-204.

13-309 Drawing II F,W(0-6)

An extension of 13-209 which attempts to foster understanding of the basic skills and technical issues necessary to the making of drawings while introducing the philosophical and critical issues related to the discipline.

Prerequisites: 13-209.

13-315 Figure Drawing W(0-6)

This course will address issues of anatomy, proportion, expressive gesture, and formal structure based on drawing clothed and nude models from life.

Prerequisites: 13-309.

13-320 Painting II W(0-6)

An extension of the work begun in 13-220. The various technical and aesthetic issues of representational painting will be further investigated as will the diverse approaches to pictorial organization derived from observation. However, the issues of abstraction and other forms of non- representational approaches will be introduced and developed in a deeper and fuller attempt to explore the possibilities available to the painter in the late 20th century.

Prerequisites: 13-220.

13-321 Watercolour and Gouache Painting F(0-6)

Studio projects examining the technical and expressive possibilities inherent in the media of watercolour and gouache.

Prerequisites: 13-220.

13-330 Sculpture II S,F,W(0-6)

An extension and expansion of the additive approach introduced in 13-230 including the aesthetic concerns and appreciation of materials. Projects will include work on a greater scale, complexity and personal involvement.

Prerequisites: 13-230.

13-331 Metal Sculpture F,W(0-6)

An introduction to oxy-acetylene welding techniques followed by at least one project which explores specific principles of three- dimensional design.

Prerequisites: 13-230.

13-341 Intaglio F(0-6)

Compositional study relating to the intaglio methods of printmaking.

Prerequisites: 13-204.

13-343 Serigraphy F(0-6)

Compositional study relating to silk-screen printing. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: 13-204.

13-344 Woodcut F(0-6)

Compositional study relating to relief printing. (Offered in odd-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: 13-204.

13-345 Lithography W(0-6)

Compositional study relating to lithography.

Prerequisites: 13-204.

13-375 Photography II W(0-6)

A further exploration of expressive, formal and technical aspects of photography. Students without the stated prerequisite but with equivalent experience should consult the instructor.

Prerequisites: 13-261.

13-377 Video/Performance Art F(3-0)

Investigations into the theory and practice of performance and video art with emphasis on interdisciplinary activity, narrative structures, and basic technical processes.

Prerequisites: 13-280 or one 300-level studio course credit.

13-391 Intermediate Studio S(0-6)

Intermediate workshop in a selected studio practice. Projects will be determined by the availability of faculty expertise.

Prerequisites: 13-204.

13-409 Drawing III F,W(0-6)

Continuation of the various skills and technical issues necessary to the making of drawings. Observational drawing from the model, still life, natural forms, and interiors will be studied with a view to understanding the language and philosophical implications inherent within drawings of different styles.

Prerequisites: 13-309.

13-410 Drawing IV F,W(0-6)

An advanced drawing course which explores a wider range of graphic experience including abstract, imaginary and other non-representational approaches to graphic discipline in our own time.

Prerequisites: 13-409.

13-412 Individual Study - Studio S,F,W(0-6)

Each student establishes, in consultation with the faculty member chosen, the content of this special study within the area of expertise of that instructor.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: this course is available with the approval of the chair for students who have completed their 5th semester and for whom there is no suitable course available.

13-420 Painting III F(0-6)

A further extension of the work begun in13-220 and 13-320. While the various technical and aesthetic issues will continue to be investigated through the discipline of observational painting there will be more emphasis on the critical issues relevant to contemporary painting and allowance for personal expression through both abstract and representational modes.

Prerequisites: 13-320, 13-321.

13-421 Painting IV W(0-6)

Advanced investigations into the role of observational study and strong emphasis on critical issues of contemporary painting whether representational, abstract, mixed-media, or other.

Prerequisites: 13-420.

13-430 Sculpture III F(0-6)

Contemporary issues in sculpture will be addressed through at least 2 studio projects including 1 site-response installation, and an independent work in close consultation with the instructor.

Prerequisites: 13-330.

13-431 Sculpture IV W(0-6)

In close consultation with the instructor, the student will produce a body of independent sculpture with attention to clarity of personal statement, originality, and professionalism.

Prerequisites: 13-430.

13-441 Experimental Printmaking S,F,W(0-6)

Individual study projects directed towards experimentation in colour printing and combined print methods.

Prerequisites: 2 of 13-246, 13-341, 13-343, 13-344, 13-345.

13-445 Advanced Printmaking S,F,W(0-6)

Work on a portfolio of prints. See course 13-246.

Prerequisites: 13-441.

13-470 Photography III F(0-6)

A continuing investigation of the formal, technical and theoretical issues of contemporary photography.

Prerequisites: 13-375.

13-471 Photography IV F(0-6)

An advanced investigation into contemporary issues, with opportunities for interdisciplinary approaches to photographic practice.

Prerequisites: 13-470.

13-481 Extended Media II W(0-6)

Advanced investigations into alternative art practice.

Prerequisites: 13-280.

13-482 Extended Media III W(0-6)

Further investigations into alternative art practice.

Prerequisites: 13-481.

13-484 Advanced Studio S(0-6)

Advanced workshop in a selected studio practice. Projects will be determined by the availability of faculty expertise.

Prerequisites: 13-309 or 13-320 or 13-330.

13-485 Honours Thesis I S,F,W(0-9)

Under the guidance of a faculty member over 2 semesters, the honours student will research and complete a major independent project in studio practice for final approval by a department committee. Recommended for all honours students.

Prerequisites: 30 course credits.

13-486 Honours Thesis II S,F,W(0-9)

Continuation of 13-485.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
XII--Course Descriptions

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